Introduction: Pumpkin Word Search

This Halloween shake things up with doing a pumpkin word search. Using one of the most known things in Halloween to be creative and have a little fun with it. having fun doing word searches when waiting for time to pass before trick or treat or while passing out candy. To have a fun but creative way to decorate a pumpkin this year. With getting your mind to think and seeing something different. I chose this because me and my mom love to do word searches and to search it up this year and not just carve a pumpkin.


1. pumpkin

2. paint, 2 different colors , one dark one light(spray or liquid)

3. something to lay under your pumpkin when paint

4. black or white marker depending on what color you paint your pumpkin

5. brushes and stencils letters( optional )

Step 1: Sorting Out Your Supplies

you want to lay out your supplies and see what you're working with. To see double check before you start. As well right a list of words to use.

Step 2: Start to Paint

Start with your base color on the pumpkin. Go until the pumpkin is fully covered evenly. This color will be the color behind the letter.

Step 3: Add the Letters

once the base color dries you can go ahead and add/paint the letters using the stencil or freehand it. Be sure to space them out evenly

Step 4: Have Fun

once all the paint is dry, grab something to circle the letters with and have fun.

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