Introduction: Purdue MyMail for Mac

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These are instructions to add Purdue MyMail on your Mac OSX client.

You need internet connection, Mac OSX (10.5 or above) to get this set up.

Step 1: Find the Apple Logo on the Top Left of the Screen.

Step 2: Click "System Preferences..." Button

Step 3: From This Screen, Click "Internet Accounts"

Step 4: Click "Add Other Account..."

Step 5: Type in Your Information.

Full Name is the name that gets displayed as a user who is sending out the mail.

Email address is your Purdue career account email.

Password is your Purdue career account password.

Step 6: Type Your Account Info...

Because Apple doesn't have MyMail's setting, we need to manually input MyMail's setting.

Select IMAP,

then Type "" for Mail Server,

Input your Purdue career account into username, and Purdue career password into password.

Step 7: SMTP Account

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used to send the mail out.

Type : "" for SMTP Server,

then Purdue career account name and password on their respective textboxes.

Step 8: Your Account Is Added

Step 9: Find the Mail Icon on Your Dock

Step 10: Voila

Now you have MyMail showing up on your mail client on your Mac.

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