Purdue ITap Printer for Windows

Introduction: Purdue ITap Printer for Windows

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This is a guide to add itap printers on your laptop.

Step 1: Open "My Computer"

Press Windows Key + E key

Step 2: Type "\\printers.itap.purdue.edu"

Step 3: Type in Your Crediential

ID : onepurdue\{Your Purdue Career Account ID}

Password : {Your Purdue career account password}

If you have trouble getting through this step, refer to our Windows Credential Manger to clear out any entries present.

Step 4: Find Printers That You Want to Add and Double Click It

For regular black and white printing, locate "itap-printing"

For color printing, locate "itap-colorprinting"

Step 5: Itap Printers Are Now Added.

You still need to go to printing station to print the material, but now your laptop can also send your material to printing station!

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