Introduction: Purdue ITap Printer for Mac

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This guide shows you how to set up the Purdue print drivers on a Mac computer.

Step 1: Open "System Preference"

Step 2: Find "Printers & Scanners"

Step 3: Locate "+" Button and Press It

Step 4: Right Click on Grey Space Next to Three Dots on the Top of the Screen

Step 5: Click "Customize Toolbar..."

Step 6: Drag "Advanced" Button Onto the Bar.

Press "Done"

Step 7: Go to "Advanced" by Clicking the Button

Change "Type" to Windows printer via spoolss.

Step 8: Add Printer Information

Select "Windows printer via spoolss" on Type.

Type out "smb://" for black and white

Type out "smb://" for color printer.

Type appropriate name for the printer, I choose "iTap Printer (B&W)", and "iTap Printer (Color)" respectivly

Type appropriate Location for the printer, I choose "Purdue"

Select "Generic PostScript Printer" for Use:

Step 9: Select "Duplex" Setting

This enables double side printing, and will help you save money.

Step 10: Your Printer Is Added!

Good job!

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