Introduction: Push Up

step one:

I designed a project called 'Push up'. The purpose of this project was to make it look like a stick man made out of metal wire. First, I connected two straws together because the straw wasn't long enough. I connected two straws by putting one straw into another straw and then I taped it so that it does not get off. One mistake that I made here was that I made the strong too long so because of this, the straw wasn't strong enough to maintain the weight of the stick man.

Step 1:

step two:

I made two round cams. The cams are going to be used for the stick man to move. Every time the cam moves around, the stick man will go up and down which will look like as if the stick man is actually doing the push up by him self. I then made the frame. The frame is very important, like always, because the frame will sustain everything that is in this project. I made the frame using 3 pieces of cardboard. After making the frame I realized that it was not strong enough to sustain everything so I had to make it stronger. which leads me to step three.

Step 2:

step three:

I cut a cardboard in rectangular shape. I cut it into a rectangular shape and put the cardboard in the angle. I did this using glue gun. I used glue gun a lot during this project. As you see it in the picture, the cardboard helps the leg not to move. After making the frame a little bit more stable, I put a hole to the frame to stick the straw. I made sure not to make the hole too big, or too small. If it is too small, the straw won’t fit. When it is too big, the straw will fall out easily because it is too loose.

Step 3:

Step four:

In my case this case was the most hard and complicated step in this project. First, I realized that the angle of the leg was stable, but as time went by, the leg started to lose its strength and fell down. I pasted two little wood for each side of the leg. It was a very clever thing to do because from that moment, the frame stood very still for a long time. I used glue gun to stick piece of wood. After making the frame stable, I cut a cardboard so that it is easier for the cam to lift the stickman. The straw it self can’t be lifted by cam. The cardboard needed to stay still without rotation. It needed to just go up and down. In order to do that, I glued 2 cardboards vertically so that it can’t be rotated while the cam rotates.

Step 4:

Step five:

This is the last step of the project. I used a metal wire to make a stickman in a push-up pose. I think metal wire was the best because it was light, didn’t bend easily until you touch it, and it was easy to make. To make a stickman, I have a tip for you guys. Instead of cutting the wire first, make the stickman first so that you know how long the wire will be. I taped the leg of the stickman so that he doesnt move his leg. I taped his chest to make a hole for the stick. I pierced the tape and I was surprise how stable it was. Also don’t forget to make a hole in the ceiling, obviously.