Introduction: Putting on the Ritz Burger

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Lets Make... BURGERS!

Step 1: Ingredients

1 lb Burger Meat 
an egg
ranch dressing mix 
ritz crackers ( i used roasted vegetable ones)
Bbq sauce

Step 2: Eggsplanation

Crack the egg into its own bowl.. If you accidently get a piece of shell in there the proper procedure is to freak out and run in circles like a manic, or you could just take the bit of shell out. Your choice.
Then beat the egg into submission with a fork. Dont send the egg to the hospital, just show it who boss.

Step 3: Wheres the Beef

put the burger meat into a bowl add about a quarter of the ranch mix package and 7 or 8 crushed up ritz crackers mix it all up.
add the egg and mix some more.

Step 4: Form Patties Using Artistic Meditation

Squash the beef into patties

Step 5: Time to Grill

Grill on med heat about 5 min a side or until cooked through 

Step 6: Cheese

I cut all my burgers in half, put them on the top rack, added cheese, shut the grill, and waited a min or so 

Step 7: Wow Looks Good

All done. all thats left to do is put them on a bun and add some BBQ sauce, 

Yummy, hope you enjoy.

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