Introduction: Pow! It's the Batmobile. and a Bank?!

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NA na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN! 

Save the world and your money.

This is the batmobile to end all batmobiles. This whole project cost less than $20.

Super cool looking
Working headlight bat signal
working jet engine (kind of)
The whole car is a bank since its hollow 

This project is for my nephew who isnt quite old enough for it yet but i cant wait until he is. 

Step 1: Materials

All the materials Were bought at my local charity thrift shop 

Cozy coupe car
camping foam mat
yellow plastic ball pit ball
black spray paint made for plastics 
yellow spray paint made for plastics
piece of pvc piping
batman bank head
small dc motor
2 automotive switches

Step 2: Paint Job

First thing to do is to take apart the cozy coupe and remove all the stickers. This is very easy as it was only connected by two screws in the back cubby. After it is all taken apart give it a good cleaning with soap and water. Now its time to paint. The entire body is black and the accessories including the gas cap, the little tikes logos, and ignition switch are yellow. Remember to spray paint outside or in a well ventilated area. Safety first!

Once the whole body is black and dry its time to add the logos on the top and side. Take a piece of paper and fold it in half, draw the logo and cut it out. I free handed the logo then cut it out but you could just as easy print a logo and cut it out. Attach the inverted logo with painters tape and spray inside with yellow. let it dry and repeat on roof.

Once is all dry and painted its time for the real fun. 

Step 3: Making the Headlight

I found this yellow plastic ball (the kind that use to be in ball pits) and cut it in half. I also cut out a batman logo out of electrical tape and put it on the yellow ball. 

The light itself is from an led flashlight which i took apart. 

Drill a whole directectly in the front of the car. It doesnt have to be big just big enough to run wires through. 
On the bottom of the side with the door that doesnt open drill a whole the size of your flashlight case.
finally drill a whole on the top of the side with the door that doesnt open for your switch

run two wires through the front hole and out the bottom hole. attach leds negative to negative and positive to positive then attach the switch to the positive wire in the bottom hole and add another piece of wire to the other side of the switch.

This is the hard part use a coat hanger attached by electrical tape to manuver the switch through the bottom hole up through the top door hole. 

I used hot glue to attach the leds to the front of the car

You should now have leds glues to the front, the switch screwed to the top, and 2 wires coming out the bottom. Grab a battery and test your connection.

Now glue your yellow bat signal over the leds 

Step 4: Super Engine

Drill a hole in the direct back of the car that big enough to hold your dc motor. run two wires from the back hole to the same hole the light wires are coming out of. attach the dc motor to the wires in the back and glue in place. 
I used a pen and the tent foam mat to make the engine fan. (refer to pictures). after fan is made attach with some hot glue. The pvc pipe was painted black and attached around the dc motor and fan. 

Drill another hole next two the first switch and repeat the same process of adding a switch only this time to the motor.

after it is all assembled grab a battery and test your connection. 

Step 5: Battery Pack

I used the battery pack from the flashlight to run both the motor and the light, i also added the flashlight case to the bottom hole so the cap fits nicely over the batteries to hold everything in place.

Step 6: Wings

I cut some some wings out of the mat spray painted them black and glues them to the top 

Step 7: Money Money

I found this old batman bank at the thrift store and had a stroke of genius. I drilled a hole in the back cubby the excact same size as the hole in the bottom the bank. Then attached the bank over the hole. This essentially turn the whole car into a bank since the car is hollow. that way when my little batman is older he should have a whole car filled with change. Maybe even enough to buy his own real car. 

Step 8: Touch Up and Your Done

Touch up the paint and your done. Now let your little batman go and fight some crime!

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