Introduction: Puzzle Bobble Christmas Stockings

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These Puzzle Bobbles stockings make a colourful addition to any Christmas decor. This instructable shows you how to make a simple stocking from fleece and fur, and add a homemade motif on the top.

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Step 1: You Will Need

a) Felt (black, white, lime green, orange, purple, baby blue)
b) Fleece fabric (orange, lime green, purple, turquoise)

c) Sharp Scissors
d) Large Fabric scissors (optional)
e) Marker pen
f) Tape measure or ruler
g) Pins
h) Thread

White fur fabric
Printed copy of the pattern (i printed mine out to 35cm tall)
Printed copy of the bub template.

Step 2: Cut Out Your Pieces

1) Cut out your pattern and use it to mark out the main stocking piece, flip the pattern over and mark out another so you have two opposite pieces..

2) Cut out both main stocking pieces

3) Mark and cut out your secondary stocking colour.

4) Mark and cut out your white fur fabric, noting the grain of  the fur (you want it to face downwards)

5) Heres your pieces so far

Step 3: Assembling the Main Stocking

6) Pin your stripes onto the main stocking. This is your front stocking piece

Tip: placing the pins at 90 degrees to the seam you will be able to sew over them easily with a sewing machine without breaking your machine needle.

7) Sew along the edges of the stripes with a neat zig zag stitch

8) Place the white fur fabric behind the main stocking, wrong sides together and pin into place.

9) This is what your white fur should look like once its sewn on.

10) Fold the white fur over the top of the stocking and pin it just covering the top of the stripe your sewed on earlier. Sew on with a zig zag stitch

11) This is what your stocking should look like now, time for the motif :)

Step 4: Making the Motif

The Motif look smore complicated than it really is. It is made out of layers of felt, just make sre you use good sharp scissors and are meticulous and careful with your cutting.

12) Cut all your pieces out

13) Pin the main body colour onto a piece of black felt, and sew on with a small zigzag stitch all around

14) Do the same for the white pieces...

15) ...And the black pieces

16) And finally the secondary colour pieces

17) Trim the motif out, leaving a pixelated border as indicated on the pattern

Step 5: Finishing Touches

18) Pin the motif onto the stocking

19) Stitch all around the edge of the black felt with a small zig zag stitch

20) Hem the top of the back stocking piece with neat hand stitches, and place on top of your front stocking piece, right sides together. Pin and sew all around leaving a 4mm seam allowance. Turn the right way out.

21) Mark out the hanging loop onto fleece fabric (i made mine match my main stocking colour) Cut it out and fold it in half lengthways

22) Pin the hanging loop lengthways, sew along the long edge leaving a 4mm margin, and turn inside out.

23) Fold the hanging loop in half and sew by hand onto the inside of the stocking, at the back of the leg.

24) All done! now go hang it up and wait for santa to fill it with presents ;)

A new instructable every week on

Check my other instructables for how to make the Katamari decorations pictured, too :)

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