Introduction: Puzzle Masterpiece

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As kids, we like to play with jigsaw puzzles as a way to sharpen our gross and fine motor skills, as well as those in thinking, problem solving and creative strategy. However, as we get older, we tend to stash our puzzles away and not think about it. But, why do that when you can glue them together into a masterpiece to treasure. The idea for "Puzzle Masterpiece" came to me while eating at a Catania's Pizza Shop in Yonkers one time. There, I witness a Looney Tunes puzzle glued together into one big picture and was put into a picture frame. From there, I thought...I really like the idea of doing that.

Step 1: What You Need

To make your own puzzle masterpieces, what you need are the following...

  • an old puzzle
  • cardboard
  • hot glue gun
  • Mod Podge
  • scissors or Xacto knife
  • sponge brush
  • marker
  • picture frame (not pictured at this time, but you can get yours at a local craft store)

Step 2: Choose Your Puzzle

So, first off, choose a puzzle that you like and arrange the pieces on your cardboard.

Step 3: Put It Together

Now, take that puzzle and put it together. As you notice, I am putting together a Muppet puzzle. This one is with a picture of Kermit the Frog dressed as an artist.

Step 4: Cardboard Measurement

From there, take your cardboard, and depending on the size of your puzzle, you want to measure it out with your marker. I am using the back of a 18 x 24 inch pad of newsprint paper, because the puzzle size is actually 11 x 14 inches.

Step 5: Cardboard Cut Out

Once you've measured out your cardboard size, cut it with your scissors or X-acto knife. I have been able to power through the thick card with my scissors. No easy task, but it's worth it!

Step 6: Gluing It Down

Now, you want to carefully transfer your puzzle to your cardboard. If you're able to carry it over to your cardboard without dropping any pieces, that would be really awesome! Once that's done, grab your hot glue gun and glue down your pieces. I probably find it easier to glue the outside pieces (like in the form of a border). But, don't worry about any of the remaining pieces. The reason for that is once you use your Mod Podge on top of the puzzle, it'll dry like a bonding agent, so that the rest of the pieces will stay together in one place.

Step 7: Mod Podge

So, now the next thing you want to do is prepare your Mod Podge and spread out an even layer on your puzzle. The Mod Podge that I bought acts as a puzzle saver, so don't worry if the Mod Podge comes out like wrinkled saran wrap (like in the second picutre), because within a few minutes, the glue will dry clear.

Step 8: Finished Piece

Once the glue is dry, you can put it in a picture frame and hang it in your bedroom! I obviously don't have a picture frame to display at this point, but you'll probably get the idea. This is basically the most easiest way to reuse your outgrown puzzles into something that you can display like a work of art!

Step 9: Puzzle Masterpiece Transformation

From one side to the next is my Muppet puzzle before it was made into a masterpiece, and after it was made into a masterpiece!

Step 10: Some Other "Puzzle Masterpieces" to Share

These are some other puzzles that I glued down into masterpieces. Again, I don't have frames to put in right now, but you can see how fun it is to transform old puzzles into works of art!

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