Introduction: Puzzle Piece Pen Holder

I hope you enjoy my tutorial on how to make a reusable puzzle piece container. Yours can be any shape and size you want it. Climate change is a serious issue and we are running out of resources. Any small way we can help preserve materials and reuse others is a great step forward! This small project that makes a container is a great way to start! Mine is a little small but yours can hold as many pens that you want just make the base larger and then build the container accordingly! Please share this project with your friends and kids! It is a great craft project for any age and is a great idea for elementary school kids to teach building skills and teach about conserving the environment. Overall I hope you enjoy my tutorial and good luck with your reusable puzzle piece container!

Step 1: Step 1:

Collect puzzle pieces from a variety of puzzles. If you’re a puzzle lover this should be easy! Make sure the puzzle isn’t full and complete so then therefore the pieces are not needed for any puzzle making. That way you’re reusing the material and therefore helping conserve the environment. I used about thirty five pieces for this project. It is possible to use more depending on how big you want the container to be.

Step 2: Step 2:

The supplies that are needed for this project is scissors and around 2 crazy glue sticks. You may need more if your container is larger. Also it is helpful to have a piece of cardboard or newspaper to work on in order to create less mess! Make sure to be careful with the crazy glue because it can be very sticky and leave your skin quite rough. In order to do this use the least amount of glue and be careful and patient. The scissors will be used for carefully cutting the pieces in half.

Step 3: Step 3:

This cup will be used for making a perfect circle that you will see below. Therefore the base will be circular and easy to build the container from. You are able to use any size circular object to make your base! Or if you want it to be square then use a square object. It just depends on how big you want the container to be and what you want to store in the container. I wanted a small container so I used this size cup.

Step 4: Step 4:

This picture shows the circle drawn with the cup. Which should be done with a pencil first and then with a pen in order to make the least amount of mistakes. Then the other part of the picture shows how the puzzle pieces look cut in half. Use the scissors to cut about thirty of the thirty five pieces in half in order to make everything but the base. You may need to cut even smaller pieces in order to make the base circular which will be shown later.

Step 5: Step 5:

Next make the base out of three full puzzle pieces. Then use small cut up pieces accordingly in order to make a shape that closely resembles a circle. This way the base is able to support the structure of a cylindrical container.

Step 6: Step 6:

Next use extra puzzle pieces to play around with how to make your shape. Use a couple pieces to test how the shape will hold and plan your project. It took me a few minutes to realize how many pieces I should use on each layer and what technique and shape would make the most since. This is an important step because it’s hard to work with puzzle pieces so take your time and make sure it’s how you want it so you will be happy with your finished project.

Step 7: Step 7:

This shows the container in process. I used about five half puzzle pieces for each layer. This allowed the container to be larger and more stable so the pens are held upright in an attractive position. As you can see at this stage one pen fits comfortably and is visibly appealing. The container is about half way done for how large I want it to be. My container is on the smaller side but that is for visual purposes.

Step 8: Step 8:

This reusable puzzle piece container is done. Yours can be bigger or smaller and in any shape you like. This is the view from the top showing the size of the container and how big the opening is. This whole project took about an hour to make. Yours might take a longer or shorter time depending on how big it is.

Step 9: Step 9:

This picture shows what the container looks like from the side. As you can see there are about ten layers to this container. Using five half pieces on each layer. This view allows you to see the height of the container and how it looks structurally. As you can see the container is very durable and put together very well. This is important so the pens and pencils are well protected. Also make sure to glue the pieces face up in order to make the container pretty. Since it should be from all different puzzles it will look a little funky but that makes it fun!

Step 10: Step 10:

This is the final product a puzzle piece container for pens. As you can see this container can hold three pens. It is a unique look that is easy to bring with you. This container is portable and fashionable. The container is practical too because only using a couple of pens at a time is better for the environment as you are not in possession of too many pens and pencils. This container can be put on your desk or moved to the kitchen table. It’s a funky, unique, cute, and reusable container that doesn’t take up too much space!