Introduction: Puzzle Pieces

We are making a diy puzzle piece today. It's a fun way to solve something and it can even be added as a house décor for a bonus.

The materials you need to use are cardboard (paper with a hard surface can be a substitute), scissors and an x-acto knife (If you're a child please have an adult help you), any picture, and a pen (maker or sharpie is fine), and a glue stick.

Step 1: Part One

Using the glue stick and the photo you have, you want to apply the glue on the back of the photo.
You take the side in which the photo has been glued on, and stick it to a piece of cardboard.

You should now have a photo with a harder back surface rather than your average thin paper surface.

Step 2: Part Two

Use the scissors and cut off the remaining excess of the cardboard to assure your photo looks clean and nice.

Step 3: Part Three

Now that your photo has been cut from excess cardboard, you want to use the pen to outline puzzle shapes.

If you do not know how to outline I recommend you to search up,”Puzzle pieces” on google and take inspiration from the internet.

Step 4: Part Four

After you have outlined your photo with puzzle pieces, you should now use an x-acto knife (Warning: This may contain injuries so if you are underaged have an adult around you to help guide you) to cut the outline to make puzzle pieces.

Step 5: Part Five

Now that all of the pieces have been cut to individual puzzle pieces, you are left with an unsolved puzzle.

Step 6: Part Six

After you have arranged each puzzle piece, you now have a complete puzzle! Congrats, you can use it as a way to kill boredom, challenge your mind, or even as a house decor! This diy can be taught to others easily and they’ll be sure to enjoy it.