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Technology is all around us, why not apply some to the parts of our family that can't use it themselves-- our pets. The QR Code Dog Tag keeps your information out of the prying eye of random strangers while simultaneously allowing the caring person who found your pet to return him/her to you. By simply scanning the QR code and pressing a button you can be connected to the owner of the pet and have them returned quickly.

I designed this specific tag with help from my father after browsing through different dog gift ideas for a dog adoption party. This QR dog tag stuck out to me so I started on my own. If you want to make the tags out of other materials see this Instructable to see what it may end up looking like.

Step 1: Tools & Materials


  • Laser Cutter (I used an 100W c02 laser by Boss)
  • Access to the internet


  • Key Ring
  • Rowmark's Laser-Engravable Material

Step 2: Make the QR Code

Making the QR code is incredibly easy with websites such as Using this website simply choose what type of information you want included in your tag and write it. I chose "Plain Text", which allowed me to insert any text I wanted, and "Telephone Number", allowing scanners to easily call the number given. Choose your prefered settings for the rest of the code. I would recommend choosing the "Dynamic" coding option and making the foreground color black.

Once you have made your QR code download it to your computer and continue to the next step.

Step 3: Design

Included is the design I made for this project. It makes a 1.124 in. by 1.5 in. tag with an 1/8 inch hole for the key chain.

Step 4: Laser Cut

With everything designed it's time to hit the laser cutter. I used Boss' 100W c02 laser, for which I would recommend setting all items that are being scanned (the QR code and any words) to 300 speed and 20 power. Those being cut (the border and the circle) should be at 100 speed and 72 power. Get your laser ready to run and run it.

When your dogs tags are done being cut out, remove them from the laser and carefully peel off the plastic from the material.

Step 5: Assemble

Now time for the final step! All you have to do is slide the key ring through the holes in the dog tags. Well... that was easy.

You're done! Attach this to your dog and allow the worry to disappear the next time your dog wanders off.

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