Quadfish Rubber Band Bracelet

Introduction: Quadfish Rubber Band Bracelet

you will need a loom
3 sets of bands
1 s or c clip

(I will be making a ring but,you can make a bracelet. it will just take longer on step 3.)

Step 1: Band Placement

1) place a violet band on 4 pins.
2) twist all 4 corners of the bands.
3) place 2 more violet bands on top of the twisted one.
(your loom should look like this 3rd picture)

Step 2: Looping the Bands

1) grab the lower right band with your hook and loop it to the center
2) loop the last three bands to the center.
3) place another violet band on the pegs.
4) loop the 4 bottom corners bands to the center again.
5) place a blue band on the pegs.

Step 3: Looping the Bands

continue looping the bottom band to the center and placing 1 new band on the pegs(4 violet,4 navy,4 white color sequence).
do this step until bracelet is long enough.

Step 4: Looping

when the bracelet is long enough,loop the bottom band on each pin to the center over the other bands leaving 1 band on each pin

Step 5: Looping

loop the bands on the top pins to the lower pins.

Step 6: Looping

loop the bands on the lower right pin to the lower left pins.

Step 7: Making a Loop

1) grab the bands and slide them on the hook
2) pull a new band halfway through and make a loop
3) remove the bands from the pins and hook a c or s clip on the band loops at the beginning and end to join.
(if you don't know how to make a loop here's how)
1) put both hoops on the hook
2) pull 1st one off first and pull it tight.
the loop are pictures 3&4

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    4 years ago

    Your bracelet looks great! Thanks for sharing!