Introduction: Queen's Park

This is a tutorial to make Queen's Park (Toowoomba) in Tinkercad

Step 1: Creating the Ground

To create the ground you will need to form a large, thin rectangle. You can choose which green to use as long as it is similar to grass.

Step 2: Creating the Path

To create the concrete path, take a cylinder, make it thin and large, attach 4 rectangles to the sides (2 thin and 2 thick) and then add in a much larger flat ring around the edge of the rectangles.

Step 3: Creating the Monument

To create the monument begin with a large cube. Add a flattened pyramid to the top, then an upside down copy to the bottom of the first one. Then add in a much thinner, slightly larger rectangle to the bottom like a small outline, and add small cubes to each bottom corner of the monument. Then create holes in any circular shape - I chose the round roof, and add in a very tall and skinny pyramid with a slanted edge at the top - you can achieve this by taking a rectangle hole and angling it or taking a slanted shape like the wedge.

Step 4: Making the Flowers.

To make a flower take an extremely small cylinder and attach 2 fidget spinner to the top, aiming in different directions to give the flower 6 petals. Then take that, copy it and you can fill in the holes in the path. You can create any flower design you want.

Step 5: Finished

Once you have created a design in one corner, copy it and paste in into each corner. (Computer may lag and even crash, so give it some time). You can add any finishing touches like filling holes in the flowers or even changing up the monument and you have finished.