Introduction: Quick, Cheap, and Easy Tool Organizer

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While in the process of setting up my new shop, I needed some way to organize and store a bunch of small hand tools. A length of PVC pipe and a few screws solved the problem.

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Step 1: Fabricate Components

Using PVC (or ABS) pipe of a diameter appropriate for your storage needs (I used 1-1/2") cut sections with one square end and one sharply angled end.

I cut the sharp end at 62 degrees because that is the steepest angle my saw can be set at.

Making small tick marks on the base of the saw itself and aligning the pipe to them (rather than measuring every individual piece) greatly speeds up the process. Cut each end of your pipe at the angle, reset the saw to square, and then cut off the sections. Repeat.

A note on using salvaged pipe- if the pipe has been around for a while, it may be a little brittle. When you are cutting pipe with a power saw, it may shatter. Take appropriate precautions.

Step 2: Assemble

Using a punch, nail, or awl, make a divot about 5/8" up from the point of the pipe section and start a wood screw into it.

Make a level mark on the wall to align the points to. Screw each piece to the wall, snugging the screw up firmly.

Step 3: Utilize

Fill er' up!

A few notes:

Experiment with sizes.

If you are putting anything edged in the holders, you should cram a piece of foam in the bottom of them, as part of the screw is exposed inside.

I did this against a fairly rough wall (painted OSB). Smoother walls may require a dab of hot glue at the top of the angled cut to keep the holders from rotating. On the OSB, even with some heavy cold chisels in them, mine stay put well.

"Nesting" the holders against the row above adds a lot more stability, too.