Quick & Easy Ghouls!!!



Introduction: Quick & Easy Ghouls!!!

These ghouls are quick and easy to make with only a few materials.

Step 1: Supplies:

Tulle – Black, Silver, or White - https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N5QDQBC/ref...

Creepy Halloween Cloth – Grey or Black - https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B07F5FNLRR/re...

4” hollow plastic skulls found at craft or dollar stores

Fishing line

Crimp sleeves

Crimping tool


Step 2: Make Hole in Top of Skull

With a nail or awl make a hole through the top of the skull if there isn’t already a hole there.

The hole should be a little further back than the center of the skull so when hanging the face is tilted slightly down so it can be seen better.

The skulls I used have a hole on the bottom. Again, if there isn’t a hole then make one big enough to easily pull the fishing line through.

Step 3: Attach Fishing Line

Cut about 2 feet of fishing line. This can be more or less depending on where you’re hanging the ghoul. But always make sure you cut it a bit on the longer side because it is easier to shorten the fishing line by knotting it.

Feed the two ends through the top hole through to the bottom hole leaving a loop at the top.

Put a crimp sleeve over the two ends and loop one end back through and crimp closed. This is to keep the fishing line from pulling through the top. If you don’t have a crimping tool then you can tie the fishing line to a small square of cardboard or any piece of scrap so it can’t pull through out the top of the skull.

Tie a couple of knots at the top of the skull to keep the fishing line from slipping back into the skull.

Step 4: Cut Fabric

Cut three 8 foot long pieces of tulle. I alternated the tulle color with the color of the “creepy cloth” and sometimes layerd different colors of tulle.

Cut one 6 foot long piece of the “creepy Halloween cloth”.

Cut a small hole in the center of each piece of tulle.

Step 5: Attach Fabric

Pull the fishing line loop through each center hole in the three pieces of tulle.

Find the center of the piece of “creepy cloth” and pull the fishing line loop through.

Hang up your ghoul and gently pull the creepy cloth apart to reveal the face of the skull.

Step 6: Hang Ghouls

Hang your ghouls inside or outside the house, in trees, or anywhere you need a ghoul.

As the ghoul gets blown around the “creepy cloth” will separate and become more worn making the ghoul more tattered looking.

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