Introduction: Quick Fix BIC Wite-Out Tape Dispenser White Out

Annoying excess tape coming out the front of your BIC Wite-Out? Quickly fix it. Separate two halves of Wite-Out by prying the halves apart with your fingernails/fingers/coin/flat blade screwdriver, starting at the fat end of the Wite-Out. Keep upright to prevent the fresh tape roll from falling out. Here are a couple of short 1:18 and 1:57 videos followed by the instructable steps.

Step 1: Proper Threading of Tape, in Case Your Wite-Out Fresh Tape Wheel Falls Out

Fresh tape goes atop posts while used tape goes through the two closest together posts.

Step 2: More Threading - Tip of Dispenser

White side of tape contacts paper while clear side of tape goes back to the big used tape wheel.

Step 3: Immobilize Bottom Half of Big Wheel While Moving Top Half Clockwise to Take Up Slack

With your left index finger, keep bottom half of big used tape wheel from moving, while the top half of the used tape wheel is moved clockwise to take up the slack. Don't tighten too tight. Reverse going counterclockwise if you need a little more slack. When done, press the two halves of the Wite-Out together.

Step 4: Congratulations, You Fixed It!

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