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Hello everyone, here's a quick Instructable for making a geometric plant hanger from a bronze rod.


You will need some bronze/brass rods, I used 60cm of 4mm bronze rod, a butane torch and some silver solder.

Step 1: Let's Get Started

First you'll need to decide the size you want the hanger to be and cut your rod accordingly.

Mine was: 1x35cm 1x15cm and 2x5cm

To make bending the rods easier heat the rods up to a dull red and quench them in water to anneal. BE CAREFUL WHEN WORKING WITH THE HOT METAL!

Then you will start by making a loop on the start of the longest piece, this will be where you hang it from so size accordingly.

Next we bend that same piece into a diamond, it can be narrow or wide depending on your preference.

The medium length piece will be bent the same as the one side of your diamond and the two short pieces will be left as is.

On to soldering....

Step 2: Soldering

I started by soldering the medium length piece to the diamond. To do this I layed the diamond flat on a vice and propped up the medium piece.

Heat up your first joint with the butane torch to a bright red and flow your silver solder into the joint, repeat with the other joint.

Soldering the two small pieces should be easy as they support themselves. Solder the bottom first then join the top.

Once you've finished soldering the last two pieces you're basically done!

Step 3: Finish Line

When I was done soldering I just went over the entire piece with a scotch pad to remove the soldering flux that was left on it.

Hang it on your wall with a nice air plant...stand back and marvel at your beautiful creation.

Happy making!

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