Introduction: Quick Gift Crochet Skinny Scarf Tie

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So super cute and very fun. This super simple skinny scarf has a tab on one side, that you can slip the other side into so that it stays in place and looks like a tie.

The star here is the metallic yarn :) The yarn is so gorgeous you don't really have to use fancy stitches to show it off. Just simple single crochet and because it's so thin it works up really fast.

This is another gift idea I had for a teen or any fashionista in your life. Make a few with different colors and let them mix and match their outfits :)

Step 1: Supplies:

Any Novelty Yarn - I used Patons Metalic Yarn

Size G Hook

Step 2: Let's Start...


Chain 7, (If you would like it wider, just add more chains to the base.)

Row 1: SC into 2nd chain from hook and across in each chain to end. (6sc) ch 1, turn.

Row 2: SC, into each sc across to end, ch 1, turn.

Repeat row 2 until piece measures 15 1/2" - if you would like this longer than repeat row 2 until desired length.


SC into each sc across to end, ch 6 to create tab, now insert hook into beginning of row to begin working in the round. (See pic above - I used a smooth yarn to show detail better)

SC in each sc across scarf part and into each ch of the new tab portion.

Continue working around for about 3 rounds or desired width is achieved. On my scarf it is about 1/2".

After desired width for tab is achieved. Stop working around and go back to working scarf portion by going back to working side to side repeating row 2 again.


Repeat row 2 until the length can go around the neck comfortably.

My measurement for this portion is 13" which gives about a 2" drop from the neck. If you want this drop to be longer add more length here.

Use a marker to indicate the end of the neck portion - so you can measure from this point.

Repeat row 2 until the piece measures 15 1/2" from the marker. Fasten off leaving a 5" tail.

Congrats you are done! Yay.

Optional: Fringe - this fringe measures 5"

I added a fringe to the end by cutting 10" long pieces about 12 of them more if you want a heavier fringe.

Fold piece in half, insert hook into one of the stitches of the end, pull loop through and then push the ends through that loop and pull tight to secure. Repeat this process across stitches.

If not adding a fringe, weave in ends :)

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