Introduction: Quick Key Limeade

Key limes are small and inexpensive.  They are just the right size for a single-serving limeade, but they are very hard to squeeze for juice.

It turns out that a key lime is just small enough to fit into a Zyliss Jumbo-size garlic press.  Using a garlic press, a key lime can be used for a quick glass of limeade.

Step 1: This Is All You Need

Assemble a key lime, Zyliss Jumbo Garlic Press, a knife and some sugar.

You'll also want a glass, some ice and water or seltzer.

Step 2: Cut the Lime to Fit the Garlic Press

If you use a smaller garlic press, you may need to cut your lime into smaller pieces.

Step 3: S Q U E E Z E !

It takes a fair amount of pressure to squeeze all the juice out of a key lime.  Use two hands, but be careful so you don't break your garlic press.  It's not really designed for this.

You will get some of the oil from the lime's skin.  Too much of this will make the limeade bitter.

Step 4: Finish to Taste

Now add sugar, ice and water to suit your preference.  I like to put the lime skins (rinds?) in my drink.