Introduction: Quick No Sew Flask Holder

With a small piece of leather and some hot glue I was able to create a great, easy to make flask holder to add as an accessory to a great Halloween costume.

Step 1: Supplies

Here is what I used to make my no sew flask holder

A scrap of leather

Hot glue gun

A flask

Step 2: Cut Leather

I started by cutting the leather so the width of the leather would fit the width of the flask.

I then measured how much of the leather would be required for the flap at the bottom

I then sketched out and measured an opening for the top of the flask, and cut it out.

Step 3: Glue Sides of Flask Holder

My next step was to glue the side of the flask holder closed.

I did this by folding the top part of the flask holder down and putting a bead of glue along the side.

I then flipped the other side of the leather up, gluing the side closed.

Step 4: Trim and Finish Top Flap

The next step was to trim the top flap so it would fold over flush with the flask.

Then I added a closure to the holder by gluing a strip of fabric to the flap then cutting a handle into the body of the flask

Step 5: Add Handle

My final simple step was to add a handle to the flask.

This consisted of cutting a thin strip of leather and gluing it to the back of the flask holder

Step 6: Finished

With that added touch I was done!

Disclaimer: This is no way part of being a daily worn thing. This is just a simple addition to a costume to make a great accent.