Introduction: Quick and Easy Die Hard Xmas Ornament

I saw the very excellent Die Hard instructable from MaskMarvl here, and some similar ones elsewhere and thought I'd have a go. This is a very quick and dirty version, took no more than 5 minutes and looks great. This will now be the centrepiece of all my family Christmases from now on. Mind you, my wife hasn't seen it yet...

Here we go..

Step 1: Materials

Picture of John McClane

Small tin of Spam or something similar (is anything similar to Spam?)

Battery LED light. Mine was a Halloween set from the pound shop. Yes, for £1. This was ideal as the light was already orange so ready to be the lighter flame.


Step 2: Method

Open the Spam tin at both ends. Do NOT be tempted to taste the Spam. Immediately double bag the Spam, weigh down the bag and get somebody to drop it into the deepest part of the North Sea. Then kill them.

Print out a suitably sized picture (I used Word to print a few different sized ones and chose the best).

Draw the outline of the tin on the picture, making sure all the key features are in frame. Cut it out, leaving a small tab on each side.

Sellotape the picture in place using the tabs first for correct placement (see picture). Then put some more tape across, but do not tape over the back of the lighter as we need this to stay as translucent as possible.

Adapt your LED lights so that there is only one (the others would be distracting, and nobody distracts John McClane). I simply cut the wire leaving only one light. It still worked and I didn't have to rewire as I had suspected I would.

Sellotape the light so that the bulb is immediately behind the lighter flame.

Step 3: See John McClane. Be John McClane.

'Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs...'