Introduction: Quick and Easy Fire Pit Grill

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Now the summer is supposed to be here I wanted to get a bit more use out of my fire pit.

So I have made a very simple and very basic BBQ grill to let me grill on coals over the fire pit.

The great British weather has prevented me trying it out as its done nothing but rain since I finished it. But I am sure you can get the idea from the firepit as to how it will be used.

My fire pit is a 30cm square and 15cm deep. If yours is wider or deeper you will need to adjust the material sizes to fit.


1 X stainless steel mesh grill

4 x threaded rods (15cm long M8)

8 x 38mm washers

8 x nuts (same size as the rod)

Step 1:

Put the first nut onto the threaded rod then repeat for the other three rods.

Step 2:

Place a washer onto the rod, repeat for all rods.

Step 3:

Place rods through the mesh, add a washer and a nut to each rod and you are done!

Step 4:

Install in the firepit and grill!

I haven't had chance to try this one out yet but as soon as the rain lets up I will do!

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