Introduction: Making a Gif From Photos

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This is how I turned 30 photos into the gif you see above.

Step 1: How to Make a Gif Using Photos

I have recently launched a kickstarter project ( )for some prototype spinning bearings cufflinks I have made and wanted to place a gif of the bearings spinning on the campaign page.

To do this I decided to take 30 or so photos with slight bits of movement and turn them into a gif.

Step 2: Setup for Your Photos!

This is the most important step, you need to fix the camera, ideall using a tripod so that it wont move in between photographs.

Once you have done this make a mark on the surface where you are going to place the item. This ensures that you can move the item back to the correct place if it gets moved or, if in my case, you want to switch it out for similar items.

Step 3: Take Your Photos!

Simple, click away, the more the better really but make sure they are have the item in the same place with just the parts moving that you want to move.

Step 4: Upload Them to a Gif Maker

I used the website this allowed me to change the speed of the gif and its free which is always a bonus!

Step 5: You Have a Gif!

There you have it, you now have a gif made from photos!

I used mine on the Kickstarter website and it can be seen here

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