Introduction: Quick and Easy Glow in the Dark Face Mask Tutorial

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This mask is cheap and easy to make. I made this one for halloween but they would be great for any fancy dress occasion.

This is my first video tutorial where I speak over top so I would really appreciate any feedback on things I could change next time.

Supplies needed.

  • A piece of fabric about half the size of an A4 sheet of paper.
  • A template. You can make your own or download one that I made here
  • A pen.
  • Acrylic paint. You need white for under the glow in the dark but you can use any colour you like on the rest of the mask.
  • Some scissors.
  • Needle and thread.
  • 4 pieces of fabric around 20cm in length and 1cm width.
  • Some sort of glow in the dark medium. I used glow in the dark pigment powder mixed with pva glue. You can get the pigment powder here

Step 1: Cut Around Your Template.

Cut around your template

Step 2: Transfer Template to Fabric.

Place your cut out template on top of the sheet of fabric and draw around it. I used a sharpie for this but it showed through the paint a little bit at the end.

Step 3: Cut the Mask Out.

Now cut the shape you just drew out of the fabric.

Step 4: Draw on Your Design

Draw on the design you would like to be glow in the dark. I chose a creepy smile for halloween.

Step 5: Smile.

Next paint over the design you just drew in white paint.

It might need a couple of coats of paint to get it really white.

Step 6: Paint the Rest of the Mask.

Once the white paint has dried you can paint anything else you would like as long as you leave the white.

I painted black inside the mouth like a pumpkin.

Step 7: Glow in the Dark.

Once the paint has all dried you can start to add the glow in the dark. Carefully paint the glow in the dark over the top of the white paint. The white will help the glow in the dark show up better.

With the glow powder & pva mix I had to paint it on quite thick.

Once the glow in the dark paint has dried you can charge it under the a light to check it has covered properly. I charged this under the lights I use for videos but you can just pop it by a window for a while.

Step 8: Stitching

Next I stitched around the outside of the mask. I'm not sure what the stitch i used is called but it is really easy. You just poke the needle through the fabric so its sticking out about half way then grab the thread and loop it around the needle. Pull it tight and do the same around the whole of the mask. Watch the video to get a better idea of how to do it. You could use a sewing machine to do this but I don't have one at home.

Step 9: Attach the Ear Straps.

The last thing left to do is attach the ear straps to hold it to your face. To do this take one of your 4 thin pieces of fabric and line it up with the corner so that it is horizontal in line with the mask then stitch it into place. Repeat this on all 4 corners.

Step 10: To Tie the Ties Together.

To tie the ties together and make the loop that will sit over your ears take the top strip of fabric and make a knot in it leaving enough room to thread the other strip of fabric through the knot. Take the strip of fabric on the bottom and thread it through the knot you just made. Tighten the knot so it is just loose enough to pull the bottom strip of fabric back and forth throught the knot. Repeat this on the other side. Now put these loops you have made over your ears so the mask sits over your mouth and nose, you can pull the bottom strips of fabric that are now behind your ears to loosen and tighten the mask on either side.

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