Introduction: Quick and Easy Mini Bunting

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Super easy mini bunting that looks great but take minimal effort!

Here's what you need:

- Wooden skewers
- Paper - I used origami paper but you can use pretty much any type you like
- Thread - any colour you like
- A small piece of card to use as a template
- A thin, sharp needle

Step 1:

To start with, cut out a triangle to use as a template.  I didn't measure anything, just eyeballed it to make sure it wasn't too wonky.

Step 2:

Use your template to cut out triangles from the paper of your choice.  Because the origami paper I used was so thin I was able to cut through several sheets at a time.

Step 3:

I had to cut my skewers down by about half because they were about a foot long.  If you need to cut your skewers down, use a nail file to smooth the top.

Step 4:

When you cut the length of thread that you need, make sure to add a good few inches as you will need the spare length to tie it up.

Wrap the thread around the top of the skewer several times and tie in a knot twice.  If the thread seems a little lose you can run a glue stick across the thread and let it dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 5:

Thread your needle and sew through the top of the paper triangles - try to be consistent with where you sew but it's not something you need to be 100% accurate at.

The length of the bunting is entirely up to you.  Once you feel you have enough triangles, wrap the end around the second skewer and tie twice as before.  Again, rubbing glue stick across the thread can help it stay in place and should dry to be invisible.

Lie the bunting flat and space the triangles evenly and then you're all done!

Step 6:


It's great for a cake topper, for wrapping around cakes (minus the sticks, of course!), you can even add a splash of colour to house plants or even use it without the sticks for card making.