Introduction: Quick and Easy Roasted Peppers

Today I'm sharing how I roast and peel chiles. Roasting chile peppers gives them a delicious smoky flavor to salsa or any dish that uses chiles. The method I'm using works with all chiles, from spicy habanero peppers to sweet bell peppers and everything in between.

Today I'm Roasting poblano peppers also known as ancho chiles.

Step 1: Tools

For this method you will need

Hand held torch (propane)

Long handled tongs

Large bowl and plastic bag or Pot with lid

Step 2: The Roasting

Using the long handled tongs quickly move the peppers back and forth in front of the torch, the skin will start charing immediately. It will also pop and sizzle it's fine, that's just the moisture in the peppers turning to steam under the burning skin.

Step 3: Steming & Cleaning

As soon as you're done roasting the chiles and while their still hot. Place them in the bowl and cover with a plastic bag, covering them allows them to steam, making them easier to peel.

Let the peppers sweat in the plastic covered bowl for 10-15 minutes.

After you've let them steam, rinse the peppers under cool running water (wear gloves!). Peel the chile, remove and discard the skin, cut a slit in the side and remove the seeds, and the veins.

They can be left whole, cut into strips, chopped,or blended into a salsa.

Use them right away, or freeze them in ziplocs.

Thanks for looking, have a great day.