Introduction: Quick and Dirty Dreamcast Internal Battery Replacement

Bored of that stupid date imput screen EVERY time you turn your Dreamcast on? This is the solution I came up with (my English is very bad, sorry about that!)

Just need 2 AA rechargeable batteries, 1 2AA battery holder, a couple of wires and solder, and of course, an iron solder.

Step 1: Looking the Dead Battery

Theinternal date and settings info is keept with a3v battery and they are expensive, so I looked in my junk box (a HUGE box of electronic disposal) and found 2 AA rechargeable batteries from a solar lamp for the garden, plus the wires and the battery holder, priceless)(and just because I didn't pay for that XD)

So you need to look at the dead battery and find out which side is the - and which is the + terminal, but there is a simple way of doing that: just look at it

Step 2: Wiring the Battery Holder

Simple, solder the + side and the - side of the battery holder to the to the dead Dreamcast battery and close the Dreamcast

Step 3: Ready to Close

Place the battery holder inside the Dreamcast and close it