Introduction: Quickest Possible Desert: Avocado Cream

This is a maybe 10 minutes from start to ... finish eating dessert. It's so simple it (IMO) almost doesn't deserve an instructable. The only reason I add it is it tastes very good. I'd be surprised if there is anything that can be prepared faster than this.

Skill wise, anybody should be able to make this. You only have to peel some avocados and blend it. How hard can this be?



  • 2-3 avocados, depending on size, very ripe and buttery, but not overripe/blackened.

The avocados not being blackened already is important for the color. The ripeness is important for the flavor and texture. If you can only get green, hard, unripe avocados from the store, you can put them in a paper bag or a dry and clean kitchen towel, wrap one or two bananas in another paper bag or kitchen towel, put both avocados and bananas in a plastic bag, seal it, and put it away for 1-2-3 days in a cool warm place. Check on the avocados once or twice a day, after the first day, they tend to form black spots quickly once they ripen. Once just slightly soft and giving to light pressure, they're the right level of ripeness.

  • 1-2 heaped teaspoons of the heaviest cream you can find

Heavy cream is important. Dessert will be runny if cream is runny. Use less if you want, but then again, avocado is almost entirely fat, some more or less fat from mill doesn't really make a difference, texture-wise - but it does, taste-wise.

  • 1-2-3 teaspoons, or more, of white/refined sugar, to taste.

Don't use brown sugar, it doesn't fit the taste. Americans should use tablespoons instead of teaspoons - European, or at least continental desserts, tend to be more flavored than sweet. Sugar added by my taste will probably be too little for most people.

  • Two tiny twigs of mint for decoration
  • A few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice

This is anyway optional. The juice of half a lemon will be too much, no matter how small the lemon is.


  • A hand blender - the stronger and faster the better
  • A paring knife
  • A beating bowl, adequate in size for the amount of meat the avocados have
  • Two cups for serving - ideally wide and shallow

Step 1: Preparation

Peel the avocado and remove the seed

Using the paring knife, score the skin of the avocados, from one end to the other, multiple times all around it. If the avocados are ripe enough, the skin will come off in strips just by pulling it. Use the knife to remove the skin pieces that don't come off with the strips. (Selecting avocados with thicker, firmer skin helps with this way of skinning them.)

After skinning, it doesn't matter how you take out the kernel - the meat will be mushed anyway. I usually cut them in halves around the kernel, with the same paring knife. After that they'll split open and the seed easily comes out. Throw the seed away and put the meat into the mixing bowl.

Blend it

Add all other ingredients, except the lemon juice, and start blending. Ideally, on the blender's highest speed. (The bowl has to be small enough for how much avocado meat you have not to get lost inside, and tall enough so mixing doesn't spread the content all over the kitchen.) After just a minute or so the sugar granules will be dissolved and the mixture will be highly homogeneous. Blend some more, until the cream becomes somehow shiny - you'll notice the change in aspect. Don't worry about blending too much - that's not possible with this dessert.

If your mix is thick enough, you can add a few drops of freshly pressed lemon juice - a teaspoon or so at most, most likely less. It will make the flavor even stronger. If you add too much lemon, it will become obvious and unpleasant.

Prepare for serving

Use a spoon to split the mix into the two cups. The mix, if beaten enough, and if the cream wasn't too watery, will not run, but tend to sort of flatten its surface. Stick a small twig of mint on top of each cup.

That was it. Now you can eat it. It can be refrigerated for a short while, but not for too long - it will loose the fresh green color and turn brown - the longer it sits, the worse the color becomes.

You should be able to easily fit both preparation and eating into ten minutes.