Introduction: Quik Shawl (Chop Stick) Pin

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Shawls have been around for centuries.  They serve to keep warm, to complement an outfit or for symbolic reasons.  Just as shawls are used for different reasons, so they come in different shapes.  Sometimes shawls are worn loosely or draped off the shoulders and sometimes shawls are kept closed with a pin.  This instructable will give you the information on how to create your own simple shawl sticks with items you have around the house.  These Quik Shawl Sticks are easy, fun and will accentuate any outfit.

The Story
My wife was knitting a sweater wrap and she asked if I could cut a chop stick down so she could use it as a Shawl Pin.  I said sure.  She told me where she wanted the new end to be located.  I went away and cut where she asked.  I brought it back and she said it was good.  I replied, I just have to sand it smooth.  While sanding I thought the new end should be painted, but I didn’t have that color.  When I brought it back I suggested that the end should be finished with some paint.  She said she liked the contrast of the unfinished end and not to worry about painting the end.

A couple of days later she asked if I could make a few more Shawl Sticks.  I said sure.  She handed me 4 more chop sticks.  I looked at her and she said they were odd chop sticks without a match.  She said there was no rush.  I nodded and put them in my to-do pile.  I like projects without a deadline.  Remembering that I didn’t have any paint to finish the other one, I looked around and found a box of different colored nail polish my daughter didn’t want any more.  Sure enough there were some colors that would seal up the ends.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1) Chop Sticks and
2) Nail Polish.  (Optional: you can leave the Shawl Stick unpainted for a natural look.)

1) Hack Saw and
2) Fine Sand paper 220 grit.

Skill Level:

Time to Complete:
3 – 8 minutes

Now that you have your materials, let’s go make some Quik Shawl Sticks.

Step 2: Cut

Cut the Chop Stick 3 – 4 inches from the tapered end.

Step 3: Sand

1) Sand the end you have just cut.
2) Smooth out the edge so it does not catch on the yarn or knit fabric.

Step 4: Paint

You do not need to finish the end with paint.  You can leave the end unfinished for contrast.

1) Choose the best polish for the end.
2) Paint the sanded end to seal it and add a finishing touch.

Step 5: Observations & Summary

You can make as many as you want to match your mood or outfit.  You do not have to use only one, you can use 2 or more as closures on a sweater wrap or on a Shawl.

The benefits of this design are:
1) Inexpensive and easy to make,
2) Will accentuate any outfit.
3) Reuse, Reduce and Refit.

I am satisfied with the results.

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