Introduction: Quilled Christmas Tree Ornament

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In this tutorial, I will show you how to make a Quilled Christmas Tree ornament using very simple steps. It is assumed here that you are familiar with the basic quilling techniques and the various shapes.

I hope that you enjoy this DIY and if you make one do share a snap.

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Let’s get started.

Step 1: Materials

Things you will need:

1. Quilling strips (180 gsm or more)

2. Quilling tool

3. Xmas tree template

4. Cling film

5. Masking Tape

6. Glue

7. Ribbon/thread

I have used the Xmas tree quilling template by Agnisha ( ).

You can draw your own design. This will help give a rough outline to build your design.

Step 2: Prepare Your Template

Place your template on a work surface (board/cutting mat) and secure it with the masking tape at corners.

Now lay the cling film on top of your design and secure it tightly using the masking tape.

Step 3: Quill Your Tree

Using the quilling tool, roll a green color strip partially leaving the rest of the strip to fold and shape according to your design template. Keep adding each piece to form the tree by gluing them only from the side.

The use of various shades of green color gives dimension to your tree.

Note: Don't worry about the glue flowing down as the cling film will prevent it from sticking to the template.

Step 4: Quill Your Ornaments

Make a few loose and tight coils in different colors and insert them into the quilled tree.

Step 5: Quilled Star

Make your star by using a small loose coil at the center and five small triangular coils.

Outline the star with a strip to give it a firm finish.

Step 6: Quilled Christmas Tree

Assemble the star on the tree and add a ribbon.

Voilà! Your christmas tree dangler is ready!!!

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