Introduction: Quilling Stress Relief Mandala

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Today we will make "Quilling Stress Relief Mandala", which is known to help reduce anxiety and stress relief.

This also helps for Meditation and Concentration.

So lets start..

Step 1: Making of Malaysian Flower Petal Shape

Dear friends, I have shown how the make different shapes in my other constructable too.

Kindly refer picture for details.

Step 2: Start From Centre

I made a quilling flower as centre of the mandala. I have shown how to make different shapes in my other instructables.

We need to makes lots and lots shape to complete this mandala.

Very important part of this project is Glue. Every time we need to fix and secure the end point with glue, and also the whole process is done by sticking different shapes with the help of glue.

Kindly refer pictures for reference.

For centre part I choose pinkish peach colour dark and light shade.

For centre part, 6 folded Circle and made a Malaysian flower. Next 6 tear drops and stick them.

12 curved leaf and stick as shown.

Step 3: Continue With Different Colours - Shade of Blue

Now, Continue the mandala with different Colour.

I choose a shade of blue for next level.

I use half strip to make a tiny blue tear drop. 12 Malaysian flower petals using half strip blue and half strip light blue.

Step 4: Continue to Next Level

Now I made more shapes of Blue and Peach colour, and stick with glue to make the mandala little bigger.

Kindly refer pictures for sticking arrangements.

Next make 12 peach colour curved leaf shape of one strip each, and stick as shown.

Step 5: Moving Further

I took one light bluish and one dark blue strip, join the end to end and made a tight roll.

Make 6 such tight roll, and stick them as shown.

Also made six green Malaysian flower petals and stick in-between two peach leaf.

Step 6: Make It Bigger With 30 Green Quilled Shape

Make 30 green Malaysian flower petals /shapes and stick as shown.

Step 7: Continue.....

Now I made six bigger petals of yellow and peach colour, 24 small petals of blue and yellow, 12 half circle of yellow colour, 12 curved eye shape of peach colour..... and stick them as shown..

Step 8: Finally Done !!! Congratulations

And finally the mandala completed and ready to help for stress relief, meditation and also to increase concentration..

Now, its ready to frame ...

Make your own and gift yourself.. Good Luck..

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