Introduction: Kid's Grand Rainbow Party Idea at Home

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Planning a party is really exciting for both kids and adults. A good planning not only a fun and organize way to celebrate the big day but also helps to keep yourself stress free on that special day.

Keep in mind, that every party is different. Take your time to make the party awesome. Lets start..

So, first we will make a check list for the party:

- Consider the age of your child (and also the guest kids)

  • choose a theme
  • Choose location, date and time for your party
  • Guest List
  • Invitation (offline or online)
  • Decide food and drinks – Menu
  • Decoration (buy or DIY)
  • Games, Activities and Prizes
  • Return Gifts (buy or DIY)
  • Budget (Adding some DIY, is budget friendly than buying everything ready made)
  • do not forget to click the special moments (Photography and video)

Step 1: Kid's Birth Day Party Theme

Depending upon the age of the kids, whether its boy's party or girl's, budget etc. we need to choose the theme.

Choosing a theme, makes the rest of the check list easier.

Lets, think about some theme, which is suitable for both boys and girls, and also good for ages say 1 to 10.

  • Rainbow Party
  • Perfect colour Party (pick any colour you love, and make it as theme)
  • Mickey mouse Mini mouse Party
  • Jungle Party
  • Farm house Party
  • special Cartoon character theme party
  • under sea theme party and many more

It will be huge, if I start discuss all about them, so lets consider one of them, so that our party goes smoothly..

So, lets choose Rainbow Birth Day party theme.

Step 2: Choose Location, Date and Time for Your Party

As per the title, it is now known that, party is at home.

Now, choose a date, considering that, it should be easy for everyone to to attend the party, should not conflict with any others party / festival or celebration. Because, organizing a party, means a great get together of family and friends, without them, we can not think even about it.

Also decide a time, and mention it on invitation cards or email and phone. So, that, all can enjoy together. Always remember, gathering family and friends together is itself a great fun.

Step 3: Make the Guest List

Make a guest list now.

Include your near and dear family members, also think about your co-workers

and never ever forget to invite the heart of the party, that means, your kid's FRIENDS !!!! spend a little time with your kids, lets make list of them.

Step 4: Invite Your Guest

As soon as the party venue, date and time decided, invite your guests, allow them a good time to prepare for your party, keep themselves available on that special day.

Let the guest know about following party details :

  • Venue , Date and Time, Theme
  • Any Special instruction, dress code or “Do not bring Gifts” etc

Invitation could be done off-line or on-line. On-line means, you can invite your family members or co-workers by making a phone call, email, or by sending massage.

But, its really interesting if, we can invite them by sending invitation cards..

Invitation cards are available on-line shops like AMAZON, local shops or we can make it at home, keeping in mind the theme.

One easy way to make invitation is, download rainbow birthday invitation template from internet, fill the details and send to the guests.

If you and your kid love crafts, we can make it in crafty way..

here is four example of “Easy birthday invitation card”

Lets make some invitation cards. Here I designed four cards.

These cards are easy to make, attractive, and your kids actually enjoy to make these cards and feel the party from heart.

Design 1:

What we need?

  • Small Rainbow printout
  • 4X6 inch white card paper
  • Multicolour (rainbow) kundan stones (decorative tear drop stones)
  • Craft glue
  • Cloud cutouts using foam glitter paper ( I use blue, white also looks good)


paste the rainbow cutout in the upper part of the card.

Paste clouds as as shown in step 2 and 3.

paste rainbow kundan stones like raindrops.

Write a clourful “Invitation”

Your first card is ready.

Design 2:

What we need?

  • Small Rainbow printout
  • 4X6 inch white card paper
  • rainbow colours (seven colours) foam rose flowers
  • Golden ball chain
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil colours


Draw 7 lines as shown

Colour the lines with soft pencil colours

Paste a rainbow cut out in the lower part of the card so that it looks like all lines coming out from the rainbow.

Paste the foam flowers as per the line colours.

Make a knot with golden ball chain, and paste it as, it looks like all the lines are tied together.

Your second card design is ready.

Design 3:

What we need?

  • 4X6 inch white card paper
  • rainbow colours (seven colours) Brush pen / Gel pen / sketch pen
  • Cloud cut outs using foam glitter paper
  • Craft glue
  • Soft Pencil colours
  • Glitter foam paper (orange and brown)
  • small piece of yellow craft paper


Cut the brown glitter paper ( 1 inch X 4 inch) in the shape of a plate.

Paste in down most part of the card. (refer picture)

Draw a rough outline of a rainbow birth cake, and one candle (see the pic)

Make out line with the help of Brush pen / Gel pen / sketch pen.

Erase the extra pencil lines.

Colour the rainbow cake using soft pencil colours

paste a small piece of yellow craft paper (2 mm x 0.75 cm) ( size is flexible)

Cut a flame shape fro orange glitter paper and paste above yellow paper, so that it looks like birthday candle.

Paste some clouds at the below to decorate.

Your third card design is ready.

Design 4:

What we need?

  • 4X6 inch white card paper
  • rainbow cut outs ( 2big, 2 small)
  • Cloud cut outs using foam glitter paper
  • Craft glue
  • 4 googly eye


Join two rainbow cut outs to make a circle.

Make one big, one small circle. (refer picture)

paste these two circles as shown in the figures.

Paste googly eyes as their eyes (with craft glue)

Paste some foam glitter paper Cloud cut outs ..

and your card is ready !!!

Now choose any one design, and start making your cute handmade invitation cards..

Step 5: Decide Food and Drinks – Menu

Now the next important thing to do is to decide food and drinks.

Kids party is full of chocolates, candies, cup cake, soft drinks, smoothie, juices, cookies, fruit salad, some starter, some snacks, chips, donuts (Doughnuts), and A Birth Day Cake !!

1) Here is some idea, of choosing fruits, to make rainbow fruit salad or ice cool fruit juice..

Fruit salad, is really healthy and yammi for kids

V - for violet colour, use Indian Jamun (black berry), plum, purple grapes etc

I B - For blue or indigo colour use blue berries, black currant

G - For GREEN colour, there are many options, like green grapes, pears, kiwi, green apple, guavas, cucumber

Y - For yellow colour, yellow corn, banana, yellow kiwi etc

O- For Orange colour, use mango, orange, apricots, papaya etc

R- For red, use Cherry, red apple, strawberry, pomegranate, red grapes, water melon etc.

2) keep in a bowl some rainbow colour choco-chips , candy, or chocolates...

3) Add “rainbow cup cake topper” and “rainbow cake sprinkle” to make the party colourful

5) Make some more food items, as per your choice, or order from outside

Party should always full of foods and fun..

6) the most important part !!! A BIG RAINBOW CAKE !!!!

if you are a good cake maker, bake it at home, but, I prefer to order it for timely delivery, amazing designs, right taste and also it saves little time in last hours !!

Step 6: Make Some Donuts, Decorate It With Rainbow Cake Sprinkle / Rainbow Choco-chips

Kids love doughnuts ...

making Doughnuts (donuts) Step by Step


  • all purpose flour – 2 Cup
  • salt - ½ table spoon
  • Warm milk - ½ cup
  • Dry yeast - ½ table spoon
  • sugar - 3 table spoon
  • butter - 2 table spoon
  • Egg - 1 (standard size)
  • Oil - for deep frying
  • powdered sugar – For coating
  • also can use vanilla extract , liquid chocolate, cake sprinkle to decorate.


step 1:

Take 2 cups of all purpose flour and ½ tbsp salt (or as per taste) in big bowl, mix them well, so that, salt eventually mixed with flour.

Step 2:

Now, take ½ cup of warm milk in another pot , add ½ tbsp yeast, 3 tbsp sugar, 1 egg, 2 tbsp melted butter (not warm, just melted),

Now whisk all these ingredients until mixed well.


When the mixture is well combined, pour it into the flour, which we prepared in step 1.

Mixed together and make a very soft – sticky dough.


choose a wooden / or metallic surface, sprinkle some flour on it. Now knead the dough for 10 to 12 minutes, until it smooth and elastic.

This step is very important step, knead the dough by folding it, pushing with hand , and repeat..

Step 5:

Take a bowl, grease it with oil, place the dough, cover it. Keep aside for “Fermentation”. Dough to come up to about twice of its original size. It usually takes 50 to 60 minutes.

Knead it again..

Step 6:

Use as very flour for dusting, Roll dough gently with about ½ inch thickness.

If you have a donuts cutter, then your life a easy now, or I have an alternative idea to cut the donuts..

step 7:

To cut the donuts without donuts cutter, I use 3 inch cookie cutter, and a small cookie (say 1 inch) to cut the donuts.

First use 3 inch cookie cutter and cut a round, and then use 1 inch cookie cutter to make holes in the centre.

Remove excess dough form centre to give a proper donuts look.

Step 8:

Gently slide donuts into the oil for frying. One by one, do not over crowd.

It took about one minute to attain golden brown colour, then fry other side, for another minute.

Transfer the donuts on paper towels.

Step 9:

Now, this is the part, where we decorate our donuts.

We can simply coated them with powdered sugar, or can deep the top of the donuts in chocolate, or pure vanilla extract..

As our party is about RAINBOW, so, topping with vanilla extract with some rainbow cake sprinkle would be great.

Step 7: Making Rainbow Topping

What we need?

  • Blue foam glitter Paper
  • scissor
  • craft glue
  • toothpicks
  • small rainbow printouts


Cut small rainbows

draw small clouds and cut it.

Paste the clouds below the rainbow cuts as shown.

We need two like this to make cupcake topper.

Now with paste a toothpick in the back side of the rainbow-cloud. And the paste other rainbow-cloud on the top of the toothpick. So that from both side, it looks same.

Wait for few minutes till dry. And your rainbow cupcake topper is ready.

Step 8: Decoration -

Decoration is one of the main attraction of any party..

For a rainbow party, keep in mind that, all decoration done whether it is DIY Decor or ready made from shop, should follow the theme of the party.

Few things are easy to make, not costly but looks wonderful in the party.

1) Tissue paper flower birthday number

2) Rainbow Big Birthday flower

3) Tissue paper hanging POM POM Balls

4) Rainbow theme spoon - knife and fork

5) Colourful balloons

Other than these, we need many many balloons, good lights (if its a night party).

You can add theme table cloth, plates, cups, glasses, even themed spoons ( I have an easy method for spoons!!)

Step 9: Making of Tissue Paper Flower Birthday Number - the Centre Piece

What we need?

  • Tissue Paper – white
  • Tissue papers – 7 colours of Rainbow (I use six here)
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Cardboard
  • Craft glue


stack layers of tissue papers (all white, I took 6 layer), and then fold all 6 layers together in accordion-style (also known as fan fold).

Take the stack in portrait way, and start from one edge and fold in over half inch (for big flowers use 1 inch), then flip it over and fold back on the other side. Continue folding till you done.

Kindly refer the picture for clear idea.

Now either staple the folded tissue (accordion) in the middle or can use a thread.

Next step is, trim both edge in round shape or “V” shape, I did “V” shape here.

Now, start separating the layers gently, one by one, both side.

Once all layers pulled up, it looks a beautiful flower.

Now what next?

Take 6 tissues of 6 colours (violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red)

And make tissue flowers of individual of colours as fllowing the steps described above.

Now cut the cardboard as the shape of 7 (I made 7, it is the number of yours Kid's age, so choose accordingly) .

start from down to upside.

First stick two white flowers at down most part of 7, then continue with violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red and then finish with white flowers again.

Your Birth Number is ready. You can make any number in similar way..

Step 10: Making of Rainbow Birthday Flower

This is done in exactly similar way, as we made the white tissue flower.

Choose rainbow colours tissues or crepe papers of size 18 cm X 45 cm.

You can make bigger also.

Stack all the layers, and fold all layers together in accordion-style

tie it with a thread in the middle.

Trim the end part in round / V shape. Now, start separating the layers gently, one by one, first one side, and then other side.

Once all layers pulled up, it looks a beautiful rainbow flower. Big Rainbow flowers are really very attractive decoration for RAINBOW PARTY.

Step 11: Design Your Rainbow Spoon

I use a very simple idea, to make our party more colourful.

What we need?

  • Wooden use and through party spoons , knife and fork set
  • Acrylic colours or brush pen
  • ear buds (optional)

Make easy rainbow designs only on the handle so that in any chance colour should not mix with food.

See the easy designs attached here.

Make some rainbow colour dots using ear buds, or colour it as shown here..

Step 12: Games, Activities and Prizes

To make the party really fun and playful, add some games, or Activities.

Here I have some ideas to keep “kids happy to be busy”

1) Making Rainbow tattoo with easy washable non toxic child friendly colours.

2) A Fun magic show.

3) Musical chair

4) Make your own rainbow with play dough

5) Put the balls in the bucket (who will put highest number of balls in bucket, will win the prize)

6) Kids Bowling game (10 Pins 2 balls)

Add some more as, you must have some more games in your mind.. games are never overburden for kids..

Do not forget to prizes to all kids and special prize to winners..

Step 13: Return Gift Ideas

Now, its time to decide about return gifts. Depending upon the guest kids age, we need to decide the gifts.

But, for easy way, we can divide the age group in three parts

0 to 4 years

5 to 10 years and

11 and above.

Return gifts also depends upon the budget. If there is no restriction of budget, then there are many options, but if its budget constrain, then we need to think !!!!So, here is some ideas about return gifts.

For 0 to 4 Years

  • Non toxic child shape play dough
  • Wooden A B C blocks
  • wooden learn shape
  • Wooden puzzles
  • colouring books and crayons colours
  • Touch and feel story book
  • Building Blocks
  • Soft toys
  • Bouncing Ball Set
  • Special themed plate – glass and bowl set
  • Big size animal figure ( it should be really big, as small pieces could be harmful for kids)
  • Baby swimming / bath toys

For 5 o 10 Years

  • Board Games
  • Bowling set
  • stationary set
  • Story books
  • Wooden Piggy bank
  • Glow in dark plants stickers
  • Dolls / Action figures
  • Pencil pouch with pencil set
  • School Lunch Box water bottle set
  • Special themed plate – glass and bowl set
  • Inductive rainbow coloured cup
  • Photo frame
  • Quilling Set
  • Acrylic / water Colour Set (12 or 24 shades) with brush
  • Wooden Pencil Holder
  • Remote control cards / toys

For 11 years and above

  • Wooden Piggy bank
  • Wooden Pencil Holder
  • stationary set
  • Little scientists kit
  • DIY science projects
  • Story books
  • Jewellery making kit (for girls)
  • Rubik Cube
  • Mouth organ toy
  • Rotating world Glove
  • DIY Kit for making Planetary system.
  • Puzzle for big kids

* (DIY - Do It Yourself)

Step 14: Photography

Last but not not the least, do not skip the photography or making video, to keep your memory ever green..

Have a happy Party..

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