Introduction: Quilling Tangled

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In the world of fairies, wizards and goblins you would always have a magical
tower. My favourite magical tower will always be Tangled!

I first came across the Tangled tower when I saw my friend Sabrina's cake version. It was so gorgeous I was drooling! Sabrina has so much talent, I wish she had the time to be on instructables.

Anyway...when the quilling contest came up I wanted to try a miniature quilling version of Tangled as my cake version would have been a big flop! Lol.

My mom and sisters asked me if it was possible for me to do it....I breezily said 'Sure....piece of cake'....Never would have I imagined how much work it involved!!

Step 1: Paper, Card Stock Anything !


I used paper strips, but I also used recycled paper, card stock , tissue....anything that gave me the right color or textures .
Paper crimper - for the tiles
Needle/ pin

As a guide I used some pictures I googled online. Wow! the amout of tangled cakes....and not a single quilled Tangled. At this point I should have taken the hint....but nooooo....I had to do it. I'm nuts that way ;-)

Step 2: Floor Plan

I got the floor plan from a jewellery box online and then drew up my base.
The height I took 2.5" and kept the length to decide later once the base was completed. The other images, I used as a guide.

Step 3: Shapes Used

Shapes used are

Tight circleTear drop

Spiral rose

Spiral Sprinkles/ Chocolate sprinkles

Spirals and Swirls

I also just wrapped the strips to get reqtangle shapes, or to get a perticular shape. I have done tutorials for all the above shapes and have included links on the respective names so you may get detailed instructions on how to make it.

Step 4: The Wall

I couldn't find the colour and texture I needed for the walls so I crushed some yellow Demi paper and glued it to a board.

I then proceeded to cut the board as and when I needed it

Step 5: Windoors

I marked where the windows were and cut it out. The first 3 images show how
I first did the windows....which is ok...but the next 3 images show a better way of doing the windows which I later continued to do. In the first method I cut the window, then quilled the glass and draw the grills. Later I place it behind the cut out and folded out the window frame in brown. This is then glued on top of the blue glass.

In the second method I make the glass. Draw the grill and the make the window frame in 1/4" brown paper. I then place this on the wall and cut out the window area.

Step 6: The Main Windor Ledge and Door

I first started on the ledge. I have uploaded my reference picture for my
tower entrance. Getting the exact door was impossible as my door was very tiny, but I tried to get as close as possible.

I took a thin strip for the centre stone and a 1/4" width for the sides. I rolled them and placed on my drawing for measurements. Then glued it together. I cut a black paper for the door and glued 3mm strips on it leaving a tiny gap so that it will resemble the door.

Detailed instructions are on the pictures , as it would be clear then and we can all then avoid confusion :-)

Step 7: Windoor 2

This is the thin mosaic window. I wanted to give it a bit of
detail and to try and achieve the mosaic look. Again I have tried my best to try and replicate in quilling format. The pictures have the detailed instructions.

Step 8: Tiny Windoor

The reference for this is the same as the previous one.

For the tiles to have a crimpling effect I used a crimper. Again instructions are in the pictures.

Step 9: Teal Mosaic Windoor

As it was done in the single mosaic windoor, again take the shape of the windoor and glue the strip down. Take about 5 strips of teal paper and glue it together. Now take the outline of the windoor with the teal strips and glue it down. Fill with tiny loose circles in differnt colors to give the mosaic effect. For detailed instructions refer to picture else you would get confused!

Step 10: Tower

I did parts of my tower in different order. But in order to not confuse you
I shall try and get it all as organised as possible. So please ignore other parts which I have already done but not mentioned yet. I will get back to all in time.

Step 11: Chimney Bottom

The top part of the chimney will come later on in this instructable after the roof

Step 12: Roof Base

Make a cone to fit the roof of the main tower. cut off excess and make slits. then make a circle and cut a slit to the center point. Fold and over lap to make a slight cone. place on the will find that the small tower is cut off an opening for that and glue the base in. Now fix to roof cone to the base.. Do the same for the smaller tower.

Step 13: Roof Windoor Large

Step 14: Tiny Windoors

Cut the shapes accordingly and follow instructions typed in pictures.

Step 15: Tower Supports

Place a stip of paper under the ledge to take measurments. Now fold the strip and form a 'L' shape. glue it under the ledge. Now form the tower supports. Reference are in the pictures.

Step 16: Tileing

Crimple up purple and lilac paper. Cut into 3/8" strips of various lengths. Glue to the roof in a circlular manner. carful around the windoors which are fixed to the roof.

Step 17: Base of Tower

Cut 1" strips of the wall textured board. Start wraping aroun the bottom of the tower. Glue and wrap around the base till you get the requied height. Make a slit in the center and cut off the brick area according to picture.

Step 18: The Tower Tops

The towers have a pointy like thing. I have used 2 different methods for it. please refer to pictrue for it.

Once you make the tower toppers, Glue the to the roof tops.

Step 19: Chimney Top

Make another rod to match the chimney bottom. At the bottom of the rod wrap 3mm paper strip till you get a firm base.

Now make 2 tight circles. Form one into a square. Place the circle on the square and glue it. Make tiney 1/4" high thin tight circles and glue on top to form a crown like shape. Now glue this to the chimney rod. Glue the base to the roof.

Step 20: Leaves

For leaves make long spirals. For the tower Used the 3mm strips. Spiral shades of green. Then snip off small potions off to form leaf sprinkles. Aply glue on the tower and springle these on. It will instantly transform your tower and look or so wonderful!

For the pots and the roof above the window , I used 1mm strips to cut as leaves. I also made the tiniest spiral rose for flowers and added them where appropriate.

Reference on how to make a spiral rose is there in the 3rd step as to see me make this tiny rose would be to see all my thumb :-)

Step 21: Age Texture

Finally I wanted to add some antique look. So I wet the surronding wall area and added a touch of yellow ocher.

Step 22: All Done!

Whew! It is finally all done! It took ages...yes...infact there are 100 bricks!!

But I knew if I want a chance in the quilling contest I must do something big. I know it's last minute, so pease, pretty please vote. I really need it.

Thanks loads. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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