Introduction: Quilling Window Decoration to Prevent Bird Crashes

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Required Materials:


*Paper Shredder or cutter




*Petri Dish


Step 1: Create Your Design

*Trace the petri dish on a piece of paper.

*Sketch out your design.

*For my design I did a pair of mushrooms, a big one and then a smaller one underneath.

*You can use tracing paper, or a printed image if you don't feel like sketching your own pattern.

Step 2: Outline Your Creation

*Create thin strips of paper using a paper shredder or paper cutter. The strips I used were about 7mm in width.

*Hold one of your strips up to your design, mark with a pencil how long that strip will need to be and cut at the mark.

*Do this for the entire design. If there are closed shapes, such as the top of the mushroom, it is easiest to measure out the length of paper and then glue the two ends together. (Make sure to give enough overlap to glue, and don't include this length in the total needed length for your design)

*Using your fingers, bend or crease the paper into the desired shape. By gently pinching the paper between your fingers and sliding it along you can create a slight curve in the paper as well.

*Once you have all of your pieces and they are the correct shape, dip your papers lightly into the glue and adhere to the petri dish. To make sure your pieces are in the correct locations, place the petri dish on top of your design.

Step 3: Create Tiny Paper Rolls

*I find it helpful to make a bunch of rolls before hand, then when it comes to gluing you can do it all at once.

*To create the rolls, take one strand of paper and locate the tip.

*Gently bend the tip of the paper up and squish it between your fingers. Try to make this as small as possible. If the end is too wide, you can squish it in half and in half again if needed.

*Once you have the tiny end squished, roll it tightly between your fingers. Use your other hand to make sure that it rolls straight on. Continue rolling until the whole paper strip is used.

*For different sizes there are 2 strategies:

*Cut the paper ahead of time and then repeat the rolling process.

*Partially roll a piece of paper, and cut when it is the desired size. This is helpful when wanting very small coils.

Step 4: Start Placing Your Coils

*For my pattern I wanted some large circular rolls throughout the mushroom top.

*Place them evenly scattered throughout the top.

Step 5: Fill in the Mushroom Cap

*The remaining rolls in the mushroom top were tear-drop shaped.

*To create the tear-drop effect, hold the roll in your fingers and squish half of it with your thumb and index finger.

*Then gently bend the squished side into a small curve.

*These pieces are great for fitting into little corners.

*Apply glue to one side and place onto the petri dish.

*Use a toothpick to help arrange the pieces or push them into the desired location.

Step 6: Complete Mushroom Stem

*The bottom of the mushroom was formed using diamond shaped rolls.

*To create the diamond shape hold the roll with both hands and squeeze both sides.

*Apply glue to one side and place into the petri dish.

*Use a toothpick to arrange as needed.

*Fill the entire mushroom with tightly packed rolls until all of the gaps are filled.

*Let dry, step back, and enjoy your handiwork!

*You can then attach a string and hang them on your windows. This provides a little more dimension to the windows and will hopefully help prevent birds from flying into them!

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