Introduction: Dog Paw Christmas Stocking

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Required Materials

*Fleece in either red or green, and white

*Felt in red or green

*Sewing machine + thread

*Dog paw image printed in desired size

Step 1: Cut and Trace Paw Design

*Print out a dog paw design, make sure it is the desired size. If it is too small you can enlarge and print again, or just draw a seam allowance around it.

*Cut out the pattern and trace twice onto some fleece.

*Cut the fleece along the lines.

Step 2: Cut Out Paw Print

*Cut out the paw print within your design and trace it onto some felt.

*Cut out the felt and make sure it fits nicely on your fleece.

Step 3: Sew on Paw Prints

*Using a zig-zag stich and a thread that is the same colour as the felt, sew along the outer edge of all of your pieces.

*You can pin or use scotch tape to ensure the pieces stay in the correct place. Make sure if you are using tape you remove it before you sew the area.

Step 4: Sew Two Pieces Together

*You now have one paw piece with the felt sewn on, and another piece with nothing.

*Place the two sides together with the "good sides" facing in. That is, have the felt facing in, and the nicer side of the material for the other one facing in as well.

*Pin in place, and sew along the edge leaving the top side open.

Step 5: Notch the Edges

*Notch the edges of your stocking with small triangles so that they are smoother when right-side-out.

Step 6: Measure Cuff of Stocking

*Measure the width of the top of your stocking where the cuff will go.

*Measure how tall you want your cuff to be.

*Add a seam allowance to those numbers. So if your seam allowance is 1/2 inch, and you want your cuff to end up as 4 inches tall, then you will need to cut out a piece that is 5 inches tall.

*Cut the material so it is just a bit over twice the width of your stocking top (Because the cuff goes around front and back). You also don't want it to be tight, so add the seam allowance + a little bit extra. Hold the material up to your stocking to get an idea as to where it will sit.

*Cut out 2 pieces that are this size, your cuff will have an inside and outside piece.

Step 7: Sew Cuff Together

*Take one of the cuff pieces and fold it in half and sew along the edge with the good sides facing inwards. You will now have a loop that should fit nicely on your stocking. Test that it fits properly.

*Take a small rectangular piece of fleece that is the same colour as the stocking, this will be the handle. Fold and measure that it will be long enough to hang up. Straighten the material up and fold the opposite way (so that it is more narrow), sew along the edge and flip right-side-out. You will now have a long narrow tube of fleece.

*Take your fleece tube and fold it in half.

*Place it on an angle along the edge of your second cuff piece. Have the fold of the handle coming up above the top of your cuff and facing inwards.

*Fold your cuff in half as was done with the other cuff piece, the handle will now be mostly hidden, pin in place and sew.

*Snip the excess handle ends that are overhanging from the cuff side.

Step 8: Complete Cuff and Attach to Stocking

*Now you have 2 cuff halves that are sewn in a loop.

*Make sure the one with the handle is oriented with the handle on the inside.

*Take the second piece and flip it right side out.

*Place the second piece inside of the other piece, and make sure to line up the seams.

*Sew along the edge of the cuff on the side that is farthest from the handle.

*Now flip the handled cuff so you have the handle on the outside.

*Take the other side of the cuff and fold it inside of the handled one.

*You now have a cuff with the good sides of the material facing "out" and the "wrong" sides touching inwards.

*Now keeping the wrong sides together, flip the whole cuff inside out so the handle is now on the inside, and the good side of the other cuff piece is on the outside.

*Take your stocking and flip it inside out.

*Place your inverted cuff upside down on your stocking, making sure to match the handle to the edge seam of your stocking. If you want the handle on the left side in the end, have your stocking with the paw stitches facing you, and position your cuff with the handle on the right. Put the cuff over top of the stocking and pull down so that the un-sewn edges of your cuff line up with the un-sewn edges of your stocking. Tuck down the handle so it doesn't get sewn over. Open the stocking up and make sure all the edges line up nicely, and sew together.

Step 9: Flip Stocking Right Side Out

*Now flip your stocking right side out, and the cuff should fall nicely into place. I sewed my handle on the left side with the paw stitching facing me, so the end result has the handle on the right.

Step 10: Enjoy!

*Step back and enjoy your handiwork!

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