Introduction: Quote Scarf

This is a great addition to any wardrobe! It's gret to have something that looks fantastic but also has a significant meaning too.

What you'll need:

-scarf of choice (should be light in color so markers are easier to see.)

-fabric markers

-cardboard to write on

-quote or lyrics of choice

Step 1: Prep Scarf

Remove any tags or strings that could get in the way of writing. You may also want to wash scarf before writing to prevent any color wash or shrinking after writing your quote.

Stretch scarf over cardboard piece to give you a hard, marker proof surface to write on.

Step 2: Get Writing!

Start writing to understand how your marker works and what type of writing you wish to use. Cursive and block letters are some of my favorites.

As you write, use your index and middle finger to stretch out the scarf fabric. This can be very helpful in making your scarf an easier surface to write on.

Step 3: Continue Writing

As you work your way through the quote, naturally add a new line by slanting words downwards for infinity scarves or start at the right side again for normal scarves.

Always have cardboard placed underneath writing to ensure there will not be bleeding on other parts of your scarf.

Step 4: Wash Scarf

Make sure to wash your scarf before wearing to prevent markers bleeding onto the other parts of the scarf or other clothing. Be aware of wash instructions of the specific fabric markers you used to ensure you won't ruin your new masterpiece!

Step 5: Enjoy Your Scarf!

You can write as much or as little to complete your scarf. Creativity has free reign here! Enjoy wearing your quote scarf!