Introduction: R2D2 Coin Bank

If you are a fan of Star Wars, and craft’s, you are going to really like this R2D2 coin bank!here are the materials you will need.

1. A piece of cardboard about 3 x 1 feet.

2. A hot glue gun.

3. Scissors.

So the first picture you see will have a diagram of the parts you will need, and the size of those parts. Once you have drawn the diagram, cut out the pieces.

Step 1: Getting the Pieces for the Body.

As you can see in the picture you are going to need eight of the rectangles and the octagon.

Step 2: Making the Body.

As you can see In the picture you need to take the bottom of each rectangle, and glue them to each side of the octagon.

Step 3: Making the Legs.

Now to make the legs, you need to take the last six rectangles, and divide them into groups of three. Now hot glue each pile of three in the shape of a rectangular prism missing its top. Now you want to take the squares, and glue them on one side of the rectangular prism the side that has a U-shape. Repeat this on the other one.

Step 4: Adding the Feet to the Legs.

Now take two trapezoids and four squares and take one side of each square and glue them on to each of the diagonal sides so that there should be two squares on each trapezoid, and the squares should be facing up. Now glue the feet you made with the small side facing away from you, and the rectangular prism with the side with the square glued on to it away from you. Now you should have the two empty sides facing each other. Glue them together. Oh by the way, I’m sorry about the blurry picture.

Step 5: Adding the Legs.

Now take the legs, and glue them to the apposing sides of the droids body. It should stand up.

Step 6: Adding the Head and Finishing Up.

Now you should take the eight small trapezoids and glue each on to the top of the droids, angled inward. Once you glue all of the trapezoids on top the way I told you to, all the pieces should be fit snuggly together. You can add glue to reinforce them. You should be left with a hole in the top to finish up. My gluing was sloppy, so hopefully yours comes out better. Thanks for building my project!

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