Introduction: Star Wars X Wing Chase

for this scene we are going to start out by placing a triangular prism, and flattening it to where it looks like the triangular prism we just had but flat. Then we are going to stretch the triangle, and duplicate it to make it look like the picture that has two large triangles.

Step 1: Putting Them Together.

Now turn the triangles towards you, and then parallel to the ground. After you have done this you will make each one of them diagonal, and merge them together so that when you look at it it looks like a slightly flat X. It also should look the picture.

Step 2: Making the Fuselage.

Make a giant long barrel for the fuselage. Put it into the very center of the X.

Step 3: Making the Nose, and the Engine’s

use a sideways paraboloid (Aka a slightly dull cone) as the nose of your X Wing. Now for the engines. Take a half cylinder, and make it a little longer than it’s normal size, and make three more of those for the next step.

Step 4: Making the Top Engines.

Take two of the half cylinders, and put one on each wing near the fuselage. Make sure that they are angled like the wings.

Step 5: Adding the Bottom Engines

Take the last two cylinders, and put them on the underside of the bottom wing’s. Make sure to flip the half cylinders over before doing this.

Step 6: Finishing the X Wing

place an extended triangular prism near the back but on top of the fuselage for the cockpit. Now place four long, thin cylinder’s on the tip of each wing we’re the back of the long thin cylinders are the only things on the wing’s for the laser cannons. Now group all of the objects together, and color it tan. Now tip it to the left a little bit for the turning effect.

Step 7: Making the Tie Fighter, and Finishing Up.

To make the tie fighter make a large sphere in mid air, and add two large flat hexagons( one on each side.) Make sure the Tie Fighter is in back of the X Wing. Now group the objects in the Tie fighter together, and Add lasers ( Aka red cylinder) coming out of the tie fighter to finish up.

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