Introduction: RC Cardboard Cat

I love collecting old/broken toys. They are like goldmines. During the "maker's session" at my home, These toys are the best way to learn everything, from gears to circuiting.

I like challenging kids with the question "What can you do with this broken toy".

Here, I'm sharing a Remote Controlled Cardboard Cat that I recently finished with my kid. This is really a fun project and takes only 15 minutes to make.

So Lets Start...

Step 1: Things You Need:

1) Cardboard pieces

14.5cm*7cm, 11.5cm*7cm and two 7cm*7cm

2) Stationary Knife or Scissor

3) One 9v Battery with cap

4) Hot Glue gun

5) Wireless receiver and transmitter from an old RC toy

6) Two DC motors

Step 2: Marking and Cutting:

1) Take 14.5cm*7 cm piece and make the markings according to the picture above. Use a cutter or a scissor and cut the marked lines. Remove the cut part. This will be the front part of the cat

Step 3: Gluing:

Now, glue the 7cm*7cm piece at the back of the 14.5cm*7cm at a 90-degree angle using hot glue.

Step 4: Adding a Wedge:

Cut a 6cm*2.5cm cardboard piece, fold it into an equilateral triangle and glue it at around 6.5cm from the front of the cat. This Is where we will glue the DC motors.

Step 5: Placing Motors and Receiver:

Before you glue the motors, place the motor along the slanted side of the wedge. As shown in the picture above, make a mark where the rotating shaft of the motor touches the cardboard. Drill a hole using the tip of the cutter knife. Make sure that shafts of the motors come out from the other side of the cardboard so that the motor shafts makes contact with the ground.

Tip: If your cat isn't moving, Apply a tiny drop of hot glue over the motor shaft to provide friction.

Take the second 7cm*7cm cardboard piece and glue at a 90-degree angle, 4 cms from the front of the cat.

Now, glue the 11.5cm*7cm piece diagonally between the two square pieces.

Step 6: Finishing Touches:

Draw the facial features, paws, and glue ears and tail of your cat For better receiving of the signals from the remove glue the antenna of the receiver out on the cat's tail.

Step 7: Your Cat Is Ready to Play

Throw a ball or a pom pom to your cat and she will be rest to fetch it back to you.

If you can make two of these, you can have a Football match... Ok... ''Pawball'' match between the two.

Let's find out who has the better control.

Step 8: Cat Wants to Play:

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