RC Monster Truck 1/14 to Smart Car 1/8

Introduction: RC Monster Truck 1/14 to Smart Car 1/8

Tried to convert a 1/14 scale monster truck to 1/8 smart car with large tyres. Used items
Foam board
Spray paint
Super glue
Hobby knife
Paper tape
Printouts and some gum

Step 1: Prints and Cut the Basics

Printout taken and made right size to equalize withe the chasis available

And formed the basic stucture to start

Step 2: Adding More Foam Required and Shaping

Added more foam to make it right shape and sanded to get the right shape

Step 3: Some Extra Pics

Step 4: Color and Detailing

Step 5: Final Touches

Smartcar , car , rc , build

check the video on youtube :


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Fun project. It would be great to give my kids an RC car just like the one that I drive.


Reply 3 years ago

Thanks for going through