Introduction: RC Toy Truck Mirror Repair With 3D Printing. Made in TechShop Detroit

In my past project, I bought an obsolete 1986 US Army M1 Toy Tank and participated in TechShop Detroit 2017 Maker Resolution.

I changed the electronics, use Arduino Uno and Android Remote Control.

After the initial work, I decided to challenge myself with making Autonomous Toy vehicle.

The Toy Tank is too small to conduct Autonomous Vehicle stuffs.

So I bought a huge 1/6 scale Hummer 2 Toy Truck.

As usual, the remote is missing.

This time I am replacing the controller with ESP32 as my master controller and a few slave Arduino Nano controller. I would be using Gyro, GPS, IR and lidar for navigation and obstacle avoidance. I could use Raspberry Pi for camera and obstacle avoidance.

I already decoded 95% of the electronics drive, steer and lighting functions.

I got challenged to reproduce a few missing parts. This is a side track but fun.

With a digital caliper, I recreated the parts using Autodesk Inventor and Stratasys Mojo.

Step 1: Missing Mirrors and Left Hand Bracket

As shown in the pictures, the side mirrors are missing and the left hand side bracket as well.

I use Autodesk inventor to recreate the part.

I replicated the RH bracket. I mirror image the solid part and export it as the LH bracket.

The bracket is made of mirror holding outer part and screw cup inner part.

The 3D printed mirror just finished and I just took it out of the Mojo.

I have to use fractional drill bits to get the hole to match well.

The mirror appear to be hard to fit in so I need to sand the stem down a tiny bit.

Else, I would have to scale down my CAD and reprint them.

I have yet to research and learn how to make those parts look mettalic. Can some show me some links? Perhaps, a trip to a local hobby store might help.

Step 2: Autodesk Inventor and Stl Files.

In the Autodesk Inventor files, I have 3 parts all in one file.

I save the latest version Inventor file before exporting to stl.

Before I export to each stl file, I would delete the other parts.

Then, I would mirror image as needed before exporting stl file.

I would then do control-z to undo the mirroring and parts delete steps immediately.

This make sure that I don't save temporary steps.

There is no need to re-save.