I love seeing people reactions to scary costumes and wanted to see how far I could go. This year, I made the reaper holding his mangled victim that was ripped in half. It was my first optical illusion costume with one person but made to look like 2. I used my handy dandy backpack and some dowel rods along with a duct tape silhouette filled with towels as the reaper topped with my cosmetology male mannequin head on a pole that was masked with the reaper's face. I then had to sew a brown robe and also make it so the top half would cover the reaper's body in the backpack and also fitted at my hips and cover down to my ankles. The above part of my torso was layered with a second silhouette of my very own body up to my knee to my hip, and papermache-ed it with a paper towel tube sticking out as a bone and painted with a lot of foundation to match my skin and then mangled to look as if my body was torn. Blood was used to create a more realistic look and then covered by a skin colored tank to hold it in place and then a dress dyed with blood and ripped as if ripped with the half of my body was worn on my shoulders and wrapped in to hold the body form to look as if it all was one. I have always enjoyed being able to create reactions with my costume whether for originality or just plain terrifying. I was able to make everyone question how I was able to make it look like 2 people and be able to move so effortless. I also made the head on a pole so that when people would think they figured it out, I would urn "his" head and everyone would jump 3 feet because they thought he was just a pillow masked. I LOVED every second of trick or treating this year with my family because I got double the candy because we were 2 people AND was able to scare everyone as well. We even cleared a path because no one would stand by my costume. It made it even funner having both my little girls hold my dummies hands while we walked down the sidewalk and made everyone turn heads. I left knowing I helped inspire others to go all out for Halloween and that makes me so happy!

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    4 years ago

    Creepy-clever costume!! : )

    If you have any additional photos of the build process, those would be excellent to see. (You can always edit to add more if you wanted).

    If you don't have other photos of the build, I would still recommend editing and breaking up the text and photos you do have into a few individual steps, for easier reading.

    This is a great costume idea, thank you for sharing it!