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We, women, follow the moon cycle one month after the other.

This cycle is divided in four phases. Some women relate each phase to one of the four season.

Those days of introspection, reflection and calmness illustrate the feeling of winter, time for letting go, cleaning and transforming.

For those days of menstruation I give you an alternative to the plastic and throw away pads that we all know.
A very soft, sostenible and colorful pad!!!!!!

Step 1: Prepare All the Material and Tools



Step 2: Place in Order the Fabrics and Pin

For starting this project you will need one pieces of each fabric (25cmx 21cm)

The right order to place each fabric is:

  1. Brilliant side of the PUL touching the table.
  2. Rough face of the corduroy fabric touching the non brilliant side of the PUL.
  3. Towel fabric

Once you are done, place the pattern of your pad in the middle and pin it with needles.

You can use the pattern I have attached or you could make your own pattern, depending on the size you prefer.

Characteristics of the fabrics:

PUL is a new fabric that is used for the reusable diapers. It is 100% waterproof and at the same time it's a breathable fabric.

Towal fabric and corduroy is a 100% cotton cloth that absolves easily, it's soft, organic and breathable.

Step 3: Sew the Pad

Take your sewing machine, choose the option of straight stitching and the mesure 2,5.

Start sewing with a seam back and forth.

Sew slowly around the pattern. In order to get the right angle of the corners put up the foot of the machine, then turn the cloth, drop the foot and keep sewing.

Remember to leave the end of the pattern without sewing (in this case I left the pink line without sewing) and finish sewing with a seam back and forth.

Step 4: Take Out the Pattern and Cut

Take out the pattern carefully.

Cut the shape of your pad, leaving more or less 0,5cm of border. It will be easier if you do it facing the brilliant side of the PUL.

Make a cut on each corner. This cut has to be precise, so be careful not cutting the thread.

Step 5: Turn the Pad and Pin

Turn the pad upside down.

Stretch the fabrics and close the opening hole with two needles.

Step 6: Sew the Opening

Sew the opening with an invisible seam.

Step 7: Make a Drawing on Your Pad

Prepare the sewing machine, choose the option of straight stitching and the mesure 4.

You want to be sure that the fabrics of the pad will not move once we clean and reuse it. For that you can be creative and make a drawing with the sewing machine on the pad. I have chosen a leaf.

Remember to start and finish the sewing with a back and forth seam.

Once you are done cut the threads.

Step 8: Place the Snaps

One by one place the snaps on the wings.

You can put two snaps in one wing and one on the other or if you prefer you could put only one on each wing.

Make sure you press hard enough with the snaps pliers.

Step 9: Use, Clean and Reuse!


Choose your favorite colors and make your own pads collection!

Make sure not using bleach when washing.

They will last years and years!!!!!

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