Introduction: RHINO LED LAMP


Here are my instructions how to make a RHINO LED LAMP. Enjoy it.

You will need:

  • Papercraft scheme
  • Printer
  • Power supply 12V 1A
  • Three tumbler switches
  • Wires
  • Soldering iron
  • Glue
  • Box cutter
  • Needle
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Thick paper (200 g) – white (one sheet) and black (six sheets)
  • Office paper (seven sheets)

Step 1: Printing of Papercraft Scheme

You can find a papercraft scheme online upon request. Some of schemes are free, some of them are paid.

Download a chosen scheme and print it. In case your printer cannot print on thick paper, you can print it on standard office paper and transfer to the thick paper.

Step 2: Transferring of Papercraft Scheme to the Thick Paper

There areseveral ways to transfer the scheme. Each has pros and cons.

  1. You can glue the image on the office paper to the thick paper and cut out along the contour. Benefits of this way are speed and ease, but after assembling, the figure looks unfinished and needs additional design (e. a. painting).
  2. You can transfer the points of each detail from the office paper to the thick one (with the help of a needle). After transferring the points, match all the points with the help of a pencil and a ruler according to the scheme. Then cut out all of the details. If you use this way, your details will be neat and tidy (so be the whole figure). However, this way takes a lot of time and patience.

For this work, I used the second way.

Step 3: Folding Along Fold Lines

After transferring and cutting out the details, fold them along fold lines according the scheme. Since the paper is thick, it cannot be fold gently without additional manipulation – you need to incise the lines by the box cutter before folding.

Step 4: Starting the Assembling

Glue the glowing details together according to the scheme. Solder the wires to the LED strip of propper length. Then fix the LED inside the details.

After assembling of glowing details, assemble the whole model (head) according to the scheme and lead the wires out of the model.

Step 5: Creating of the Background and Additional Lightning

Creating of the background is an additional step. The background can be any or there can be no background, but it will be complicated to hide the wires and to install tumbler switches without background.

Assemble the background, install tumbler switches in it and solder the wires of LED strip to the tumbler switches. There are three tumbler switches: one is for rhino eyes, one is for horn and one is for background.

Step 6: Final Assembling

Assemble the model (head) and the background together and make all the electrical connections of lightning (you need to fix the wires in the power supply).

Step 7: Finished Work

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