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This Instructable explains how to draw a cool pattern that uses just a few supplies that you probably have on hand.

Step 1: Supplies


template to draw a circle, anything will do as long as it is round.

assorted colored pencils

sharpie or thin marker, I like the sakura micron

a pencil

Step 2: Begin With the Circle

Using the pencil draw a circle whatever size you like, I suggest you start with a nothing larger than a 5" template.

Divide the circle in half then again and again until you have 8 equal sections.

Switch to the marker and draw a tiny dome shape in each section, then an inverted dome shape in every other section.

Step 3: Finish Your Pattern

Use the marker to follow the shape to the outer edge of the circle. Try to use no more than 6 lines, next connect them in the next section and create the line in the same direction of the first dome.

Work your way all around the sections of the circle.

Step 4: Colored Pencils

Begin the coloring patterns by choosing three colored pencils in the same family. I chose a dark, medium and light GREEN.

Step 5: Coloring

Using the darkest color start at the outer edges of the first sections of your circle, next blend in the middle tone and finally the lighted tone.

Step 6: Continue

Continue this process as shown in each section of the circle.

Step 7: NEXT

Choose 3 more colored pencils, again, same family, dark, medium and light.

Continue the same technique in each section until your circle is complete.

The paper I used was watercolor in my moleskin sketchbook. The surface of the paper created the small white fleck throughout my drawing. If you don't want the flecks in your artwork, use a smoother less textured paper, perhaps Bristol.

Step 8: Variations

You can make variations of your designs by changing the directions of the line.

Step 9: One More Design

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