Introduction: RMConstruction's Knex Minigun, V2.0

Hi all. i have been studying the vast collecion of minigun pics availible on the net, and the collection of knex miniguns. I believe this is and will be the 1st Knex Minigun instructable (not slideshow). I wanted to make it as realistic as possible, but realised that wasn't 100% possible. Actual Minigun barells are only connecred at one point, but with knex, you would need two points. I took this into account, and eventually decided to connect the handle and barell, which gave a firm base to add the main 'shell' of the gun. If your still reading this, you're probably getting bored. Let's get into pros and cons before ya' decide to just skip.....

Top handle
Angled back handle (comfortable)
Octapod... aka stand... (not tripod, is an octagon)
Shoots from a chain

Octapod pivot sometimes snaps (rarely, but happens)
Range varies

Ok. Were ready to start. This is a heck of a project!

Step 1: Firing System

Building the 'boxy thing that goes on the side'
The chain puller basically...

Step 2: Odds N' Ends

Some lil' thigs before we get to the complicated part.

Step 3: Main Shell

The main section of the gun, which pretty much holds it all together.

Step 4: Main Arm/support Thingy. Do I Say Thingy Too Much?!?!?!?

The support arm, connecting the handle with the barrel end. Features a lot of repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating repeating patterns patterns patterns patterns patterns patterns......

Step 5: Back Handle

The back handle & arm assembly.

Step 6: Barell

The barell, fairly simple.

Step 7: Main Gun Assembly

The assembly of the parts you've made already. No, I havent forgotten the chain or Octapod.

Step 8: Chain

Well done! You've completed the main gun! Now for the Chain... And loading....

Step 9: Octapod

Stand for the whole thing. I call it an Octapod as the base is an octagon.

Step 10: COMPLETE!!!!!!!!

Well done! you now have a knex minigun to wreak havoc with! MWUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!