Introduction: RTMP (Red's Tubular Magazine Pistol) (+ Internal Pics)

About: K'NEX gun builder here at Instructables. More or less retired from the community, but I still pop in now and again.

Tubular magazine guns have always been a fancy of mine, ever since I got a Henry Lever Action .22 LR for Christmas 2 - 3 years ago. As this is the case, I decided to set out and make one out of K'NEX. The gun you see below is perhaps my 4th - 5th try, and is ultimately my best. It holds 4 round if you decide to use the charging rod, but if you decide not to, it will hold 5. I prefer not to use the CR, as I like to shoot, pull back the FP, put a new bullet into the TM (tubular magazine) (this loads a new bullet into the chamber), fire, then repeat. It is quite comfy and light, but it must be admitted that it is the weirdest way to load a mag that I have ever seen in a K'NEX gun.

Some features of the gun are:
- Great range: 50 - 70 ft.
- Nice looks (IMO)
- Not to big to fit into your pocket
- Weird sights
- Trigger is rather hard to pull

Credit to TD for inspiration.

This gun is almost a cross between a pistol and a SMG, and I am not sure why it termed it to be a pistol, but it really does not matter.

-The Red Book of Westmarch