Introduction: Race Spec 260 Class Fpv Racing Quadcopter

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Recently watched a few videos of DRL in which the guys are racing these awesome quads and having a load of fun.

So i set out on building my own fpv racer.

It is easy to make.

Thrust to weight ratio of 7:1 making for some crazy flying.

Havent yet attached the fpv gear.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

Heres what you need-

Cobra 2206 2100kv motors x4

Hobbywing Xrotor Micro 4in1 ESC. (i did the mistake of using the skywalker quattro, it wirks just fine anyway).

2200mah 3s lipo (you could use 4s 1300 or 1800mah)

Kingkong 260 fpv racer frame (comes with 2 frames and 10 pairs of 6040 props)

Lipo charger (imax b6)

Openpilot CC3D mini flight controller

Flysky ct6b and r6b tx and rx

And of course basic tools like soldering iron, screwdriver, pliers etc

Step 2: Prepare the Frame

Screw in all spacers to the bottom plate, dont just attach the top plate yet.

If you use the Skywalker quattro 4in1 then donot attach the Ribs in the centre.

donot attach the landing gear just yet.

The frame comes with a self explanantory manual.

Once you are done, you should have something like the frame in the picture.

Step 3: Mount the Motors

Mount the motors using the given 32 M3 screws.

Route the wires, a small rectangular hole is in the arm, to allow you to insert your wires, and theres a groove that runs down, route the wires through this. I did not want to cut and trim the wires, so i folded them over here and there.

Repeat for all 4 motors.

You should have a something similar to the last picture.

Step 4: ESC and Other Connections

Firstly, if using the hobbywing Skywaler 4in1, Open up the esc, Remove the heatsink, then desolder all wires.

Solder your motor wires onto the esc.

Attach the heatsink back on.

Tape the ESC down.

The last picture shows how your quad would look.

Step 5: Flight Controller and Receiver.

Tape the FC onto the ESC using double sided sticky tape.

Connect the Signal wires on the esc to the respective channels on the FC.

Connect the receiver to the flight controller. (Librepilot will give all the connections.).

Tape the receiver onto the frame.

Step 6: Finish It

Attach the top plate as shown on the instructions manual.

Route the power wires from the backside of the frame.

Attach the mobius mount using the given bobbins.

Attach the power wires of the led onto a spare channel of the receiver.

Use velcro to strap on the battery.

Attach propellers.

Step 7: Finished

Here is a link to the flight controller connections.

Once you are done, take it out to a field and fly.

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