Introduction: Ultimate Guide to Building Your Multirotor Frames Cheap

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Hey there guys! Long time no see.

So heres how it goes, I was shopping on ebay for parts when i see all these rather weak and lame quadrotor tricopter hexa and octa as well as y6 and y4 frames going for anywhere from 800-6500 rs. I thought of building my own frames just in case i wanted an upgrade from my crazy yawing tricopter. But finding materials was a pain in the ..... neck. So i was scrambling through the leftover pipes when i saw these magical things like t junctions junctions 60 degree junctions and all pipes fitting in a dream so i decided to see all possible combinations to this way of building. This started with a quadrocopter then i tried a y6 a y4 (not much of a variation), A dualcopter and a x8 frame. All these wont fit into one instructable, This one contains the y4, y6, quadrocopter (detailed build with electronics) and dualcopter ill explain the hex and the octo, penta and tri frames later.

Step 1: Go Get the Stuff

all that our builds depend on is PVC 3/4 inch pipe, T junctions, Junctions.

Go get an assortment of these, Even 10 meters of pipe 20 T junctions and 10 junctions will cost you lesser than a readymade frame (though it compromises on loooks).

Step 2: What You Need to Do

Connect 4 25cm sections to the junction.

Then connect the four t junctions on the other ends as shown.

Step 3: Landing Gear

For the landing gear you will need to connect 8cm sections to the bottom of each T.

You should now have something looking like a quadrotor.

Step 4: Brains

Attach the kk2 onto the centre of the junction, Orientation depends on if it is x or +.

Attach the receiver as shown then connsct it to the kk2.

Step 5: Brawns

In the picture there are 4 motors and escs ( i prefer soldering the motors directly to the esc.)

Mount the motors and escs use tape or zip-ties.

My power distribution was a simple male xt60-4 female xt60 harness.

the battery is mounted on the underside with velcro straps.

The finished product is in the last picture.

Now you should have a basic idea of how to mount electronics to these frames.

Now onwards no electronics just frames. (sorry no video, As i have explained i'm a terrible flyer and my history with lipos is bad :( .)

Step 6: Y4 and Y6

Heres the build of the y4 and y6.

Step 7: Dual Copter

It is the same as the y4 except for the long back arm is now a 8cm section and it is better if you put a plate to mount things on it.

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